Where to Get the Best Solo Ads

If you’ve read my book “The White Hot List,” then you know how I feel about solo ads. I’m crazy about them. But buying the very best solo ads is not always the most obvious of undertakings. The world of solo ad providers is not much different than any other business subculture, online or off…

There are plenty of scam artists, and you need to be careful.

In today’s blog post, I’d like to help you avoid throwing your money away on crappy solos. I’d like to help keep you from getting taken advantage of. But moreover, I’d like to help you find those really juicy solo ad providers… you know, the ones who have lists chock full of avid buyers who are most likely to take you up on your upsells and OTO’s.

Where to Get the Best Solo Ads:

There are a number of places you can go to find solo ad sellers who meet your criteria and budget. If you’re in the IM niche (which I’m assuming you are), then you can certainly find good solo sellers in the Warrior Forum’s “Joint Venture” section. That said, I have actually come across my fair share of scam artists there.

Perhaps a safer bet is to check out the solo ad section over at Safe-Swaps dot com. This site is actually very well known for facilitating ad swaps in a safe, controlled environment that makes life a whole lot easier for everyone involved. But it’s also a dynamite place to buy yourself some high-quality solo ads at reasonable prices.

Another really good resource is Reed Floren’s “Solo Ad Directory,” where Mr. Floren and others, myself included, have candidly reviewed a number of solo ad sellers, revealing the number of clicks purchased vs. the number of clicks actually delivered, the number of opt-ins (and oftentimes sales) received, and the total cost of acquisition for each new subscriber earned.

This is a tremendous resource that should certainly not go overlooked.

A New Top Solo Ad Resource:

My friend and champion list builder Rob Stafford is actually selling his “Top 10 List” of his most highly-coveted solo ad sellers. These are the guys with the ultra-responsive buyers lists that not only opt in to email lists, but actually buy the things being promoted, including the OTO’s!

This is really great because with this kind of information at your disposal, you can actually put money in your pocket right out of the gate. In fact, when you’re focusing only on the highest quality solo ad providers, who take advantage of your “One Time Offer” in spades, you can actually recoup your solo ad costs immediately.

This revenue can then be invested right back into another solo ad! Heck, Rob Stafford often comes out ahead right from the beginning, making more money from his OTO sales than he spent on the solo ad… plus he grew his email list in the process!

You can check out his offer through this link.

Solos I’ve Had Success With…

I’ve had some pretty good experiences with my own solos (although I can’t wait to buy solos from Rob’s list… his look better, I must say). I’ve been lucky to deal with mostly ethical people, as I’ve only really acquired solo ads from people who I’ve come to trust via word-of-mouth, testimonials, reviews, etc.

That said, here are 4 of my personal faves (none of these are affiliate links):

1. Cal Champlin
2. Yuhu d’ Ventura
3. Phillip P. Brewer
4. Todd Dowell

There are many others, and you are certainly required to do your due diligence before just running out and throwing your money around. Again, I have MANY more solo ad providers to test and review, including those on Rob Stafford’s list – but this should give you a pretty good start!

Remember, always contact a solo ad provider via email, Skype, or PM before ever handing your money over to them. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. You are also encouraged to start small, even if you have the money to go big.

What do I mean?

If you can afford a 1000-click solo ad, but have never worked with the seller of this particular ad, then you’d be VERY wise to just “limp in” with a little 50 or 100-click solo. This will enable you to test the waters, see how the traffic converts, see if you get any buyers (as opposed to just getting opt-ins who don’t buy), and make sure that your particular offer is a good overall fit for this solo provider’s list.

Also, be sure to check your analytics to make sure that the traffic is coming from high-quality sources (more affluent countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.) and that you’re not being scammed by same IP address sign-ups or suspicious or sequential email addresses (angel113@gmail.com, angel114@gmail.com, angel115@gmail.com, and so on).

A Final Word About Buying the Best Solo Ads

One of the most important things you can do when sending solo ad traffic to your squeeze page is to track and document everything. You want to keep a spreadsheet that includes the name of each solo ad seller, the number of clicks purchased, the overall cost of this traffic, the number of clicks actually delivered, your opt-in conversions, your OTO conversions, the price you ended up paying for each lead you acquired, and other important notes of interest.

If you decide to invest in Rob Stafford’s New “Inner Circle Solo Ad Providers” List, you will also receive an awesome spreadsheet. This spreadsheet includes all the information I just mentioned, plus a whole lot more. He fills in the blanks for his preferred solo ad sources, and encourages you to continue filling in the spreadsheet with these “elite 10” sources, along with any other solo ad sellers you do business with in the future.

This is critical, especially if you decide to set up additional lists and sales funnels in the future. But it’s also important to note that solo ad providers always continue to grow their own lists, and in 3 months you could send out the exact same solo ad to the exact same seller’s list and reach an entirely new audience!

So you definitely want to keep track of these guys and gals, as you can certainly continue to use them throughout your IM career.

Again, if you’d like to take advantage of this tremendous resource that Rob has put together for you, I highly encourage you to do so by clicking this link now.

And as always, your lovely comments are always welcome, so why not leave one below?

Talk soon!

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