The Only SEO I Like…

If you’ve read my “The White Hot List” ebook, then you know how I feel about SEO. I’m not a big fan.

I know some folks have done VERY well with it. But not me. Not really. Maybe I’m too lazy. I just find it very time-consuming and risky. Not necessarily financially risky. It’s just that you never really know when, or even if, your webpages are going to rank.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve invested weeks of constant effort… not to mention buying all those fancy-pants keyword research tools, competition analysis tools, article spinners and distribution tools, and all that jazz… only to STILL be showing up nowhere near the top of the search results. Weeks.

And I cringe when folks advise that if you just keep going, keep building those links, keep diversifying your link portfolio, keep mixing up your anchor text, keep diligently spying on your competition, and make sure you’re constantly staying up-to-date with all of Google’s quirky algorithm changes… you will be greatly rewarded in a few months. Months.

Gracias, pero no.

I was recently listening to an interview between Craig Desorcy and Tiffany Dow that I thoroughly enjoyed. In it, Tiff confessed that she doesn’t really do SEO, and yet her blog pulls in 10’s of thousands of visitors a month. Now certainly, branding has a lot to do with this. But SEO is also a major contributing factor.

No backlinking. No SEO tools. How can this be?

“Accidental SEO” – My Favorite Kind!

You know how she does it? She writes. That’s it.

Fresh content on topics that are important to people. She writes naturally. Now I’m not sure just how much on-page optimization she attempts to do, but just from reading her blog posts, the answer seems to be not much, if any at all.

And yet people find her. They find her through Google. Naturally.

Let me ask you a question.

How many times have you Google-searched an Internet Marketing related question only to find that the top result was a Warrior Forum thread? For me, it happens all the time.

Now answer this. What do you think the OP’s keyword density was? Did they use a keyword in the title tag? In the header tags? In the META tags? How many backlinks do you think he or she built to that thread? The answers to these questions are obvious.

This is search traffic the way search traffic was meant to be. No manipulation. No gaming the system. Just providing content, starting conversations, and being rewarded for providing real value.

My Advice:

If you have a blog, then blog. You may even want to get rid of your SEO tools just so that you’re not tempted to waste your time chasing fruitless endeavors.

This is powerful advice, especially if you’re an email marketer. While you don’t NEED a blog to succeed with list building, it certainly doesn’t hurt… in fact, it can pay major dividends.

You send traffic to your blog via email messages. There’s a good chance that’s how you ended up on this page! Likewise, through “accidental SEO” you will pull in search traffic, which you can then convert into email subscribers who will visit future blog posts. It’s a beautiful, self-sustaining cycle.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this. Please leave your comment below.

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