So Who the Heck Is Grace?

Wow, back home on my trusty old blog. This is nice. 🙂

I’ve got something serious to share. I’m beginning a new undertaking… a major challenge, if you will.

And I’m both exhilarated and borderline terrified. This will be uncharted waters for me.

You see, I have a good friend who we’re gonna go ahead and call “Grace,” for the sake of anonymity. And damn, this girl has just had an absolutely rotten life, I must say.

Grace’s Story…

I’m not going to get too deep here, okay? This shit is incredibly dark.

So allow me to just summarize, alright?

For starters, my friend is newly divorced. Her ex husband was abusive in every way that a person can be. One of his “finest” bits of handywork came when he broke Grace’s prized cello (she’s quite good).

Want to hazard a guess how he broke it?

He hit her across the back with it.

Apparently I missed the memo that this is what real men do.

Thankfully, she’s no longer in that situation. But it’s truly an “out of the frying pan, into the fire” type of scenario…

The two of them share a young daughter together. And there is an awful custody battle going down that Grace is on the losing end of… to an abusive loose-cannon who happens to have court connections (family) in his corner.

She still fears for her own safety and comfort whenever she has to be in his presence, but more profoundly, she worries about the safety (as well as the quality of upbringing) of her little girl.

Okay, so it’s not MY job to bash another’s character. As such, I’ll move on.

In fact, if this was the only negative thing that my sweet friend was faced with in her life, as bad as it is, I’d just move on altogether. I would chalk it up to rotten luck… or none of my damn business… or something similar.

But the Plot Thickens… Big Time:

Grace has cancer.

Not all-too long ago, this sweet girl (she really is sweet, and funny… just a great person) was diagnosed with cervical cancer. And it’s serious. There’s a lot of it.

It’s causing her an absolute world of pain, fear, and sleepless nights.

And would you like to know where she’s doing all of this suffering?

Because she is 100% flat broke, Grace is living in the basement of a home where less-than-savory characters reside. People with short fuses… lots of yelling, screaming, and stuff breaking.

This is exactly what a recently divorced domestic violence victim and cancer patient who’s living her life in crippling pain needs, right?

She misses her daughter like crazy. I’ve seen her with her kiddo. She’s a very tender, loving, and devoted mother. Again, good people, this one is.

Some people deserve shitty lives because they’re shitty people.

Grace is a good person. A smart person.

An unlucky person. Married the wrong dude! That was her only crime.

And now she’s left sick, suffering, alone, and totally impoverished.

Her state medical insurance is a joke. She can’t even afford the medicine she really needs to cope with the agony she’s in.

Have I painted a clear enough picture for you?

I hope I have.

So Where Do I Come In?

I’ve tried to help Grace. Myself and another close friend of hers have done what we can to squash at least some of this poor girl’s misery.

I have personally given her money, bought her food, and even treated her to a 3-day vacation so that she could enjoy a break from her awful living environment.

She slept like a baby! 🙂

But I want to give her something real. Something lasting.

Her family is very kind to her, but they are not people of means.

She cannot work because of the cancer.

But one thing she can do… she can let me build her a passive income stream using my skills as an Internet marketer!

“Lee, You Tricky Son of a Bitch. Thanks for Finally Getting to the Mother Kissin’ Point!”

I was wondering when you were gonna start in with me.

(Do you really think that this was the most appropriate time?) 😉

Yes, I’ve already made the commitment. I’m locked in.

I’ve talked with Grace about this. I promised her I was going to come through on this… and fast! $1500/mo. in passive income.

I will be promoting a Clickbank product in the parenting niche, using a new spin on my “Down and Dirty List Building” system. I had her register a Clickbank account.

Her Clickbank nickname will be used throughout the funnel.

I’ve set up an email list for her in GetResponse. I’ve set up a squeeze page for her. And I’m now in the process of creating content to generate some direct traffic.

Not only that, but my opportunistic ass is documenting everything, step by step, and creating a product out of it.

The product will be called, quite simply, “Money for Grace.”

I’ve already got my man Nisha designing the e-cover. It’s gonna be a work of art.

But Pump the Brakes! Here’s the Thing…

This “course” will NOT be released until it’s been 100% proven to work. Now I’m not saying that Grace needs to be pulling in $1500 per month in Clickbank commissions before I’m willing to release my exact strategy to the public.

But it’s gotta be clearly heading in that direction.

Oh, and this is going to be a product that I can guarantee is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen… in more ways than one. Let me explain…

For starters, I’m going to be sharing EVERYTHING with you. If I try something and it doesn’t work – or if I get frustrated – or whatever – you’re gonna know about it.

“Money for Grace” will be a journal of sorts.

You’ll see the anxiety, the hope, the excitement, and all the little victories that will lead up to the ultimate goal… a passive income for a dear girl who could really use a break.

Also, I’ll be donating a percentage of my profits to both cancer research and domestic violence charities. And once I hit 1000 sales, I’m gonna buy Grace a new cello!

Anyway, I just wanted you to know.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?

Comment below…


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