So What’s the Damn Haps, Lee Murray?

Hey, fellers and lasses.

Dang, amigo, that was crazy. I just finally recovered from my “holiday hangover.” All the eating and drinking from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year set in motion a series of bad habits that I had been unable to break until about 3 days ago.

I’ve been feeling heavy, mentally dull, depressed, anxious, sick, and in pain (especially my kidneys… kinda scary).

So that’s why you haven’t heard much from me lately.

My apologies.

So now I’m finally ready to fire this shizzy back up. Drinking 6 liters of water, reducing calories to 1600 a day, and taking in nutrient-dense food almost exclusively. Working out, too!

So yeah…

Now I’m all like “I wanna write a blog post, sucka.” So what should I write about?

Well, I’ve been thinking about getting back into SEO and micro niche sites on the side. I’m not sure how successful this approach is in 2015… but I just bought George Brown’s Google Sniper last night and it has actually been updated for modern times. And dude’s still KILLING it (like making multiple thousands per day) with his simple little websites.

(That link will take you to George’s new video where he shows you how much he’s earning… it’s effing ridiculous!)

Anyway, when it comes right down to it, I’m not one to dismiss a process as ineffective based solely on hearsay. Know what I mean? So I’m gonna build me a few of these “Sniper sites” and see what the hell happens! 😉

“Lee, What About ‘Click For More?’ What About ‘That One Article?'”

Awe, you remembered!

Bless your heart.

Wait, do dudes (from the Northwest) say that?

Let me try again…


Okay, that’s better.

The truth is, I kinda love both of these products so much that… well… I wanna make ’em great! I mean, that’s how I always feel, I guess. And I reckon these two are no more special than the others. I’m just doing more with them. Video and junk. Hence the delay.

Well, that… and the writer’s block I’ve been suffering from for the past three weeks. I’ve been just awful to myself. And there are deep personal issues that I couldn’t pay you enough to listen to, so I’ll just zip my effin’ trap! 😉

But I can tell you what each of these two powerful books is gonna cover, if you’d like.

If you’re not already, would you like to listen to some music while you read? Obviously, I’m not sure what you’re into, but I can share something that I personally dig. Oh, and I don’t believe in “guilty pleasures.” If you like something, you freakin’ like it. It ain’t nobody’s place to try and make a mofo feel silly for their tastes. That shizzy’s juss dumb, yo.

Here’s a fun song and video by Paramore, known as a band with a very young (teen and early 20’s) following… but go ahead and refer to the previous paragraph for my thoughts on such things. This is a cool-ass pop/rock song. Funky. Good. Enjoy!

Alright, so “That One Article” has been on the backburner for like eons now. This is a course on… ummm… article marketing. Well, kind of. It’s super new-school.

I’m gonna have you creating one killer piece of content per week… and then re-purposing the everlovin’ snot out of it so that it’s accomplishing all sorts of yummy things for you. Traffic, a warm list, a buyers list, social shares, an authority site, paid products, PLR… dude, you’ll see! 😉

“Click For More” is all about cliffhangers. It’s really about putting together a dope-ass lead capture and email follow-up system using a single, ongoing story that leaves your readers begging for more, clicking for more, and almost frantically buying the shit you want them to buy!

This is preselling and conversion mastery at its very finest.

I know, not too exciting. But it’s all I got, so…

Tee hee.

“Anything New On the List Building Front, Lee?”

Not really, yo.

I’m still all about the paid products and buyers lists right now… but I’m looking to get rockin’ with some quantity really soon.

I’ve really fine-tuned the cliffhanger thing in the process of writing “Click For More.” You’ll really like how responsive it’s gonna make your peeps, like right from the onset.

I’m using my Zero to Beero as my story content… and “From the Top” as the paid product I promote.

Not sure if that means anything to you, but that’s really all I have to report on my own personal list building efforts.

Otherwise, I guess that’s really all I’ve got to share for right meow. Oh, I’m writing a new song that kinda kicks butt. Perhaps I’ll share it upon its completion.

But yeah, that’s it from me, homie.

Be sure to check out that video from George Brown to see what I’ve decided to roll with on the side. While writing this blog post, I actually went and found two promising product keywords and bought a couple EMD’s (exact match domains)… I used a coupon code for each. I believe the codes were scott99 (which gave me a 99 cent dot com) and 149sigler (for a $1.49 dot com).

In any case, the money this cat is making is freaking outta control… and I thought you might wanna check it out. Click here to watch the video now.

I will gladly keep you posted on my personal results with it. When I did this stuff a few years back, I made pretty good (hands-free) money with it. Then Google did her wicked little zoology experiment and it all got eaten up. But yeah, it’s a new day… and I’ve been curious if micro niche sites can still get the job done.

We shall soon find out.

Enjoy, and please comment below…

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