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Dear valued customer,

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, because I know you've got stuff to do. We both know why you're here...

I promise not to insult your intelligence by hitting you with a long, drawn-out, overly-hyped sales letter. Those things are lame.

Instead, what I'd like to do is simply present you with something that's so ridiculously valuable, and at such a ludicrously low price, that you just can't help feeling awesome about the investment you've made!

Quite simply, I call this offer "Trifecta," and here's what it includes:


#1 - "Your Squeeze Page Is Bananas!"

Your Squeeze Page Is Bananas!


In this 31-page squeeze page conversion guide, I show you exactly what it takes to achieve the highest opt-in rates possible. Let me guide you through the process of boosting your 25% conversions into 40%, 50%, or even 65% and beyond!

This powerful book gives you an in-depth look at the psychology involved with turning visitors into leads. We look at 5 specific things you can do to your squeeze page today that can produce a massive jump in your opt-ins... and I mean right now!

"Your Squeeze Page Is Bananas!" blows the lid off of many popular squeeze page theories. It encourages you to think a little differently. And it reveals to you exactly why the idea of "throwing tons of crap against the wall and seeing what sticks" is just as ridiculous as it is damaging.

You need to boost your conversions. You need to be methodical. You need "Your Squeeze Page Is Bananas!"

Inside, You'll Discover:

  • The one unnecessary "mistake" that's losing you 5-10% of your opt-ins... and it's so stupid! (page 11)
  • A psychological "trick" that's so damn powerful, you couldn't STOP your visitors from joining your list if you tried! (page 9)
  • How the first two letters of the alphabet can take you from paltry conversions all the way up to 40%, 50%, and even 60% or beyond... it's child's play! (page 5)
  • How addressing this one big character flaw can boost your opt-in rates by as much as 10 percent... instantly! (page 12)
  • Why ignoring popular opinion and being a little "controversial" can actually set your prospects at ease, opting into your list without worries! (page 13)
  • TONS more!

I could sell this book for $27 all day, but it normally sells for $17 because I'm addicted to providing value. I've considered running it as a WSO, where I would charge an unbelievably low $9.95 for it.

But today you're getting it as part of "Trifecta," and that's all I'll say for now.   


#2 - "Buyers List Bonanza"

Buyers List Bonanza

If you're like most list owners, only 1 in 10 people on your list will ever even consider actually doing business with you. The sad truth is that most of the folks on our email lists don't buy... they browse. They want free stuff, and lots of it.

But what happens when you get one of those "1 in 10's" to actually pull out their credit card and make a purchase with you? And what if you could build up a list of everyone who follows suit? In other words, how cool would it be to have a list that consisted exclusively of proven buyers?

Wouldn't that be freakin' amazing?

You bet it would!

In "Buyers List Bonanza," I show you not only how to build this type of concentrated buyers list, but also how to effectively market to them to ensure that the vast majority of them remain your customers for life!

A buyers list can be as much as 10 times more responsive than a list consisting of mostly freebie-seekers. In essence, a 500-person buyers list is worth just about as much as a 5000-person subscribers list!

I want to show you how to build a healthy-sized list of buyers. And I want to show you how to profit from that list. I want you to get "Buyers List Bonanza" today!

Inside, You'll Discover:

  • The easy, step-by-step approach to getting all the "cool kids" on your team! (page 8)

  • An unbelievably "sneaky" tip for piggybacking your way to guru status... easier than you might think! (page 10)
  • My startling comparison between the perfect buyer... and drinking beer at YOUR house! (page 17)
  • The one single (insanely profitable) business model that's custom-tailored to a buyers list owner... like you! (page 19)
  • The most disgusting, toxic thought you can have! Get it out of your head now... or you're screwed! (page 15)
  • So much more!

This is like one of those infomercial moments where I ask you how much it would be worth for you to have a nice-sized list of nothing but proven buyers. I would then inflate the potential value of this book, and then haggle 'er down like a jackass... but I'll spare you the "sales circus" today. Who needs it?

I could sleep soundly at night knowing that I was selling this particular book for $27. Again, in a WSO setting I would ask $9.95 'cause I'm cool like that. ;)

But it's not even going down like that today! I'm gonna make sure you get this book in your hands... which is why I've added it to "Trifecta," and dropped the price down to the ground for you! But I digress...

#3 - "JV Double-Down"

JV Double-Down

I definitely saved the best for last. This one's my baby, for sure!

"JV Double-Down" is a strategy that's one part sales funnel creation, and one part traffic generation. Essentially, what this book shows you how to do is set up long-term traffic streams that feed off of each other, snowballing to the point where you're getting swarms of "hassle-free" traffic to your squeeze page... without even trying.

I took some of the best JV traffic strategies I could find from the absolute legends of email marketing... and then I sort of "disassembled" all this wonderful information I had swimming around in my head, eventually putting it back together in a new, exciting, and highly effective way.

Here's the promise... When you set things up the way I teach you in this power-packed book, you can then just go about your list building business like you normally would... but your list will grow 2 to 3 times faster than it would have without "JV Double-Down!" This stuff is completely and utterly ninja!

I struggled with the idea of adding this to "Trifecta." It's just that valuable. But in the end, I really just want to make my awesome customers happy. I want to give you the best of what I've got... and I want you to keep more of your money so that you can actually invest in your business... what a concept!

That's why I'm proud to offer "JV Double-Down" as part of "Trifecta!"

Inside, You'll Discover:

  • The 5 main types of JV partnerships you can use to finally "pop the top" off your online business... friends don't let friends stay broke! (page 6)
  • 1 bizarre tactic you can use to get 2150 white hot leads flooding your squeeze page all at once... with no additional effort! (page 14)
  • The little-known reason why the gurus are desperate for you to partner with them... like right now! (page 15)
  • An ingenious way to make yourself and 4 other people very, very happy... without ever getting naked! (page 19)
  • My top 4 incredible traffic sources... absolutely ridiculous traffic! (page 21)
  • So, so, so much more!

Because of the nature of the information contained within this particular training, I have seriously toyed with the idea of charging $37 to $47 for it. $17 is the absolute lowest I would go in a WSO setting. And I would normally consider that to be my "rock bottom" price, without a doubt.

But I aim to please. Your happiness is my primary objective! I would rather make a modest amount of money and know that I've helped good folks get ahead and live better lives... than to make a fortune at other people's expense. That's why I'm making you a deal that's well beyond fair.

Ready for it?

Okay, "Your Squeeze Page Is Bananas!" and "Buyers List Bonanza" are each worth at least $27, for a total of $52. "JV Double-Down" is worth at least $37, which brings the total value to a respectable $91.

Of course if I knocked $10 off the price of each ($17, $17, and $27, respectively), then I would charge you $61 and feel great about myself for giving you such a wonderful deal! ;=)

But I'm not going to take your $61. Not today.

In fact, if I ran each of these as a WSO, I would charge $9.95 each for YSPB and BLB, and $17 for JVDD... and at those prices, you would have gotten a mind-blowing, rock-bottom deal... all three hot, fresh list building titles for just under $37.

But screw that.

I'm going to put on my "I'm an Idiot... Please Steal From Me" hat and only ask for a meek and mild:

Yep, that's it! Just $19.95 for three of my most powerful list building books to date. "JV Double-Down" alone is worth quite a bit more than that.

All I ask is that you don't let the low price tag fool you. You truly are getting yourself a virtual library of IM know-how here. And this is the good stuff. There's no "hit or miss pie in the sky" crap here. This is legitimate business training for legitimate folks who want to have legitimate online businesses.

Just one of these extraordinary books can take your business (and income) to great new heights, if only you commit yourself to taking the appropriate actions.

Buy my books. Read them. And then for the love of all that is monetary, USE THEM!

I am so excited and honored to have the opportunity to share these great educational resources with you. Please take me up on my offer. You've got so much to gain from this. Think about it.

Armed with this knowledge, you can:

  • Make your squeeze page convert at 50% or higher, giving you a much stronger ROI and growing your list much, much faster!
  • Bring in hordes of new buyers, concentrating them all into one cash-wielding list who are just begging you to sell them something!
  • Make your list size absolutely explode by harnessing the power of well-constructed leverage opportunities... so easy!
  • Increase your income.
  • Enhance your lifestyle.
  • Truly LOVE what you do for a living!
  • Help others do the same!
  • So much more!

And I said I wasn't going to do a long sales letter! ;=)

The reason you're getting such a steep discount today is because you're a valued customer. I want to show you how much I appreciate you picking up your copy of "Sales Funnel Supreme." I know these books will help to enhance what you learned in SFS significantly.

So let's get them in your hands!

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And as always, you're fully protected by my 60-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you don't believe that the incredible knowledge I'm sharing with you is doing the trick, then just let me know, and I will refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.

Listen, you deserve this. Your family deserves this.

These great books can truly help you to get a profit-generating POWERHOUSE of a business literally filling up your bank account while you sleep. This is no empty promise, my friend. In fact, I ALWAYS have more money in my Paypal account when I wake up than I did before I went to sleep!

It's my reality, and if it's not already yours, too... it most definitely can be.

I'll see you on the other side!

Your friend in list building and life,

Lee Murray

Lee Murray

P.S. Remember, you're getting my entire Trifecta package, including the ever-powerful "Your Squeeze Page Is Bananas!", the incredibly eye-opening "Buyers List Bonanza," and the just plain revolutionary "JV Double-Down." These books, in the right hands, have the power to change lives!

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