Product Creation Part Two – How to Start Your Own Info Product Empire!

So you want to create your own information product? If you read my previous blog post, you most definitely should be wanting to at this point!

No other activity can produce the same kinds of results for you online. You can go from being a grunt worker breaking his back for peanuts in order to “make the boss rich,” to becoming… well… the damn boss!

And you can do it virtually overnight.

All you need is a niche, a few hours, a basic outline, and the desire to help people… and to get paid in the process! Info product creation isn’t that complicated, and it need not strike you as intimidating. In fact, it’s actually kinda easy.

What It Takes to Create a Winning Product:

Here are the steps every “infopreneur” should take to launch a quality, profitable product on the Internet…

  1. Choose your niche.
  2. Identify the problem.
  3. Research solutions.
  4. Formulate and outline a game plan.
  5. Choose your medium.
  6. Present your game plan.
  7. Fine-tune your product.
  8. Add bonuses to stack value.
  9. Put an upsell funnel in place.
  10. Price your offer(s).
  11. Create your sales page(s).
  12. Choose and setup your payment gateway.
  13. Recruit motivated affiliates.
  14. Launch the sucker!

“You freakin’ lied to me, Lee! This is a ton of work and sounds mighty damned complicated, yo!”

You know, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your social skills. But we’ll get into that a bit later, time permitting. 😉

Listen, you’ve got to put in some labor here. Success is earned, not handed to you. I’m sure you already know this. This is, after all, product creation… not product manifestation. Right? Okee-dokee then.

So let’s cover each of these 14 steps in turn. Then, I’ll invite you to get your butt to work creating your own info product empire!

1. Choose Your Niche

Duh. You need to know your job before you can do it. We’ve covered this in previous blog posts, but it is SO worth mentioning again. Getting clear on your niche is absolutely essential.

So what niche will you be building your business within?

Well, I would clearly advise you to choose something that you’re highly passionate about… and also something that will pay you really well. Internet marketing is one of these niches, but it’s certainly not for everyone.

Travis Sago says to operate within the areas of health, wealth, and love. I like that a lot, but by no means would I suggest that you limit yourself to these topics. Certain hobbies can also perform very well for you.

The bottom line is that if you love it, and there’s an opportunity to make money with it, then by all means go for it. If you choose a niche that you’re bored with… or a niche in which there isn’t a whole lot of money being spent, then your product is doomed from the start.

“So How Do I Choose a Niche There, Tough Guy?”

The first tool you should use is your damn brain. Take a look at your own life. What’s near and dear to your heart? What problems are you already skilled at solving for others? What are some current events happening within your own family?

Once you’ve identified maybe 3-5 (or more) ideas, start looking for existing info products that address these topics. Check Amazon for books in the niche. Check Clickbank for digital products related to your niche.

It’s pretty easy to determine if products are selling well within each of these platforms. In Amazon, check to see how many books (including Kindle books) are available, as well as how many reviews are being left for these particular products.

With Clickbank, you’ll also check the number of products on offer, along with the Gravity (higher is better) of each product.

There are no hard numbers to keep in mind. A quick glance should let you know if a particular market is viable or not. If it is, and if it’s truly a topic that you don’t believe you’ll get bored with after a few weeks or months, then roll with that sombitch!

2. Identify the Problem

Your job as an info product vendor is to solve a problem. That’s it. That’s all.

Of course, before you can solve a problem, you need to know the problem. And there is no better way to do this than to get into the minds of your audience.

In other words, you want to go straight to the source – your prospects. You want to sell great information to people who are in need of said information. But you’d better know precisely what information they’re truly in need of.

How do you find out what these folks really need to know?

You freakin’ ask ’em. Derrr…

Naturally, going door to door throughout your town asking everyone who opens up and humors you what’s bothering them most about their enlarged prostates, or why they’ve decided to make homemade food for their pet turtle, is going to get you banished.

Do towns still do that?

Anyway, you want to identify the main problem within your niche quickly. Efficiency is key here. So here’s what you do…

We already mentioned Amazon. Go peep relevant books, read the comments, and see what folks are saying. Also, go into Google and type in the name of your niche + “forum” and look at thread titles in the various forums.

Do you notice a common theme? Do lots of people tend to share the same problem? Dude, this isn’t rocket science. You should have no problem identifying the problem within minutes, literally!

3. Research Solutions

This will comprise the meat of your product. How do you solve the problem you identified in step 2?

You actually don’t have to go very far to discover these solutions. You’re already in the forums, right? Well, just stay there a while.

When you see that pervading question as a thread title, go ahead and dig a little deeper into the thread. What are the contributors saying? Make a note of every new point you come across until you simply can’t find anything new.

Another great way to identify solutions is to actually invest in your competitors’ products. Buy a few e-books, physical books, or video courses on the subject. If you’re broke, then go to the library and check out a few books.

Easy, right?

4. Outline a Game Plan

This is where the skeleton of your product starts coming together. Essentially, what we’re doing is organizing the information we uncovered in step 3 above.

The best way to organize this information is sequentially, when possible. In other words, what steps should your customers take in order to solve their problem, and in what order?

The more of an A-B-C type of solution you’re able to provide for your audience, the better.

For example, if you’re creating a product in the “quick weight loss diet” niche, you don’t want to “organize” your product in a way that is generic. “Make sure you’re drinking lots of water, eating mostly raw produce, and oh yeah… don’t forget keep a journal to track your progress.”

That type of approach won’t cut it. This is NOT a tips-based article, after-all. It’s a problem-solving, step-by-step PAID product!

Instead, you want to organize it sequentially.

  • Part One: Preparation – First things first; consult with your physician. Get blood work and measurements done, etc.
  • Part Two: Get Your Mindset Right: Visualize your results. Create a list of reasons why losing the weight is so important to you…
  • Part Three: Get Leverage On Yourself: Throw out all your fat clothes and purchase a new wardrobe that’s 3 sizes too small for you right now.
  • Part Four: Step Into a New Reality. Throw out all processed foods and condiments (provide a list of everything that qualifies). Trash them and feel great about doing so…
  • Part Five: Go to the store and purchase ONLY these foods. This will comprise your diet for the first __ days. This is what you’ll be eating and drinking, and when.
  • Part Six: For the next __ days, you’ll only be consuming the following, and only during these times of day.

And so on.

Do you see how we’ve led our customer from where she is now to where she wants to be? This can be done in most niches, and should be done when the opportunity is available.

Essentially, you just want to create a list of steps the person must take in order to achieve their desired result or solve their problem. Then, elaborate on each step, with the intention of turning each step into its own chapter, or module.

This blog post is actually a perfect example of this, and had I so chosen, this could have very easily been a paid product rather than a blog post. But since I’m a little sweetheart, and extremely humble about it, here ya go! 😉

5. Choose Your Medium

There are a number of ways that you can present your information. You can write and publish an e-book, create a video course, moderate a paid membership site, design a piece of software, or some combination of all of these.

It’s really just a matter of what you’re most comfortable with, what your skill set happens to be, how much time you have on your hands, and what your target audience seems to favor.

As you know, I’m an e-book guy myself. I love to write. Perhaps you’ve got the gift of gab and there’s little doubt that video is the best way for you to go. Maybe you’re highly ambitious and hella money hungry. For you, a membership site with monthly billing could be the way to go.

Another type of product you may want to create is PLR content. You can simply write articles, autoresponder content, and/or e-books and sell them to other marketers and site owners for dirt cheap. With this business model, you can actually sell hundreds of products in a variety of niches… all from the very same website!

I’ve done this myself, and it’s actually easy money. You know who made out the best during the 1849 California Gold Rush? It wasn’t the folks prospecting for gold. It was the opportunistic entrepreneurs selling the pick axes and shovels!

With a PLR store, you’re doing precisely the same thing, and there are plenty of folks earning full-time livings online by selling PLR content exclusively!

Obviously, this is a little side note, and we’re about to dive right back into more mainstream product creation…

That said, if creating and selling PLR content to other marketers sounds remotely intriguing to you, I’d encourage you to take a look at Tiffany Dow’s PLR ATM course (link opens in a new window so you won’t lose your place here).

Tiffany makes a fortune with her own PLR store, and shows you in great detail how you can do the same.

But I digress…

6. Present Your Game Plan

If you’ve done step 5, then this step will simply be a natural byproduct. This is where you write your e-book, record your video or audio, create that membership site, or actually bring your software idea to fruition by hiring a programmer or creating it yourself.

This is really the ACT of creating your product. It’s where the rubber meets the road and you actually git ‘er done, or whatever.

Now the actual work you do will depend largely upon the medium you’ve chosen to operate within. But by actually doing your research and listing solutions to the main problem folks in your chosen niche are experiencing, you’ve already done most of the work already.

Now you just need to turn those solutions into a conversation.

And no matter which medium you’re operating within, the process is always the same. See your target audience in your mind’s eye. And here’s a little hint for you. Your target audience is actually only one person.

That’s it. That’s all.

“What In the Sam-Diggity-Hell Are You Talking About, Lee?”

Dude, really?

Okay, if you pretend that you’re talking to an entire community of folks, your message becomes generic and diluted. You’re addressing a mixed bag of recipients. This can cause you to clam up, generalize, and second-guess yourself.

But if all you see is Francesca King (just made that one up… you likey?) in front of you, it’s a different story altogether. And who, pray tell is Francesca King?

Why, she’s a stay-at-home mother raising two boys on limited funds. Most of her money is brought in via welfare and child support, but it’s barely enough. She can’t get a job because she has debilitating social anxiety disorder. She’s desperate for a way out, and has recently turned to the Internet in the hopes of earning a quick, but sustainable income.

She doesn’t need much. $1200 per month would change her entire life, and she wouldn’t feel like the walls were caving in around her. She would no longer fear her landlord. She would no longer dread checking her mail. She could buy her sons new clothes and take them out to the movies every now and again.

When you create your new product on earning an income blogging and selling ad space, you create it for Franny, and nobody else. You see her face as you’re typing or talking. You look her right in the eyes and deliver your message with confidence, integrity, and genuine compassion.

You help that woman.

Get it?

Now I’m not going to go into technical details about video creation or anything. For starters, I don’t do video. And if you want to know how to create an e-book, then read a freakin’ e-book you like and make yours look the same way. It’s truly not hard, so please don’t be intimidated for a second, my friend. 😉

I’ll tell you that I personally create ALL my e-books in OpenOffice Writer, which has a handy little PDF icon built right in. You click that icon, and you’ve got an instant e-book. Blam-o, compadre!

And get your covers done on Fiverr. I use a fella named Nisha. Look him up. He’s rad.

7. Fine-Tune Your Product

There are a number of things you can do to your product to make it both more valuable and more profitable. For example, don’t be afraid to add a few affiliate links for added monetization.

Now don’t go dropping in a link every other paragraph or you’ll look like a total scumbag. But if you know of a product that can accentuate your point and really help your customer in a highly relevant sort of way, then by all means mention the product and link out to it with an affiliate link. Why not?

Also, if you’re creating an e-book, be sure to include a legal page, a front (title) page with your product image on it, a footer with your website address on it (centered), and the page number in the footer as well. You can also finish your book with a resources page. Again, feel free to use affiliate links.

Be sure to go through your product a few times to identify and correct any typos or grammatical errors you happen to come across.

You are always welcome to continue fine-tuning and revising your product well after it’s been launched, so don’t labor over it too intensely. Just make it nice and send it on its merry way!

Whew! Well, We’re About Half-Way Through Our Steps. How About a Little Break? The One and Only Bob Ross, Perhaps?

And Seriously, You’ve Gotta Check This Guy Out… Completely Sick!

Okay, so I reckon we should get our butts back to work now. Let’s proceed…

8. Add Bonuses to Stack Value

Now, I’ll tell you straight up, this step is entirely optional. And in many cases, it’s price-point dependent. In other words, if you’re selling your product for 7 bucks, you likely won’t need any bonuses. At $27 or above, they become more and more a good idea.

There are several different types of bonuses you can offer, and this is truly limited only by your own imagination. But I would certainly love to present you with a few great options to consider:

  • Additional videos or reports
  • Old products of yours
  • High-quality PLR products
  • Master resell rights to your main product
  • Coaching
  • Website creation or other services
  • An interview you’ve conducted with an expert
  • A fast action guide (sums up your main product)
  • Mindmaps
  • Cash rebates (after refund period)
  • Gadgets (iPads, etc. – after refund period)

Again, let your imagination run wild with this. Remember, the bonuses you offer, if any, will largely depend upon the price you’re asking for your main product.

Let’s say you’re selling a $297 yearly membership to a foreign language training site. In this case, you may wish to do something a little unorthodox and offer, as a bonus, a $65 iPod Shuffle that you would actually order from Amazon on their behalf… a day or two after your money-back guarantee has expired, of course.

On the other hand, a $37 e-book will naturally have you offering a smaller bonus, such as an interview or resell rights. Of course, the more bonuses you include, the higher the perceived (and actual) value of your offer will be, and therefore you’re likely to make more sales.

IMPORTANT: Do not give your BEST stuff away as a bonus, however. You’ll definitely want to enhance your monetization options by saving an EXCEPTIONAL quality offer for the very next step.

9. Put An Upsell Funnel In Place

The real money is in the back-end.

That’s what she said.


All hooker and porn star jokes aside, this statement is very much true when it comes to online business. This is what the whole concept of sales funnels and list building is all about. But it doesn’t just stop at future contact with customers.

There are things you can do to immediately capitalize on this truth. Among the most profoundly effective of these things is constructing a great upsell funnel.

Again, this is optional. But damn, is it powerful.

The idea is that you immediately upsell your new customer on another of your offers. This offer is, generally speaking, of even greater value than your front-end product. Lots of folks selling WSOs in the Warrior Forum will actually charge a rock-bottom price for their main offer and a considerably higher price for their secondary offer.

And they do quite well with this approach.

Myself, I offer “Sales Funnel Supreme” for $5 and my upsell “Trifecta” for $19.95… still a great deal for my customers, as well as a nice income boost for myself.

You can certainly deal in higher price points.

I don’t really need to present you with a list of possible upsells, as you can simply choose from the list in step 8 and have a perfectly viable upsell to offer.

For the sake of keeping this blog post under 1.5 million words, I won’t be able to share the technical step-by-steps of crafting a good upsell funnel here. But it is certainly something you can discover for yourself with a few simple Google and YouTube searches.

Coaching generally does quite well, and can yield a nice-sized profit. The easiest upsell you can offer is resell rights to your main product.

Simply provide your buyer with the product itself, a copy of the sales page’s index file and image folder, and a list of any rules he or she must follow (cannot be given away, cannot be sold for under $17, can be used as a bonus, and so on).

10. Price Your Offer

This step is totally objective, and there are no real guidelines I can provide you with other than to go with your gut… and test your results at different price points.

I guess the most logical starting point when initially pricing your offer would be to examine your competition. See what other info product creators in your niche are selling their products for. Again, no hard and fast rules here. This is more of an art than a science, in my opinion.

Test a few different price points for both your front end and back end to see which prices convert better for you. Don’t be afraid to charge less to acquire more customers. Not only is the volume likely to make up for any reduced profits, but your BUYERS LIST will also be growing at a more impressive rate… never a bad thing!

That said, please be aware that if you go too low, you may not attract as many affiliates. There really is a delicate balance at work here, which is why testing a variety of price points (and price combinations, if you’re employing an upsell funnel) is so very essential.

11. Create Your Sales Page

This is easily one of the most critical steps of the 14, as your sales page directly affects how well, or poorly, your offer converts.

There are lots of folks who claim to be copywriting experts, and some of them have some great ideas on how to convert. But ask 10 of the top copywriters in the world how to write effective copy, and you’ll get 10 different answers.

If ever there was a skill you should learn to master in regards to your online business, this is the one. This is a skill I have improved upon dramatically in my own business, and it has paid MASSIVE dividends for me. My conversions are absolutely bananas, and yours should be too.

While I cannot offer an entire copywriting course here in this blog post, I do have a few tips I can share with you that can get you started on the right foot. After that, it’s up to you to seek out guidance from some of the greats. Again, Google and YouTube, along with the Warrior Forum will be your best friends for finding such guidance.

In any event, here are the tips I’d like to share:

  • Hit Hard! Use nice, strong language in your sales copy. I’m not talking about dropping f-bombs left and right. Not at all. But power words and phrases that jolt your readers’ (or listeners’) nervous systems should be employed heartily. “Listen good,” “I’m warning you,” “Now look,” “You’re cutting your own throat,” “Screw that!” and other powerful, assertive, and jarring verbiage is what we’re looking for.
  • Lead With Benefit-Rich Questions. Ask your audience questions that imply that what you’re offering is about to solve their problem. “Aren’t you tired of being kicked around by freakin’ search engines like Google?”… “When a gorgeous girl looks at you, is she seeing the affection in your eyes… or the zits on your nose?”… “What would your life be like if ________?” Try to start a good deal of these questions with “Let me ask you something,” or a sentence that means essentially the same thing.
  • Inject Your Personality. You want boring, average-ass results? Be a boring, average-ass person. LeeLee don’t play dat, and neither should you! Be yourself. Be fun and vibrant. Be quirky and playful. Be freakin’ bizarre if you’re an awkward sombitch. Be true to you, and screw ’em if they can’t take a joke. One thing I like to do, if you haven’t noticed, is speak to myself as if you were doing it… and then reply to your jerky little comments. 😉 It’s all in the spirit of fun and play. Use your own personality to lead you to success!
  • Pimp Your Product With Unbridled Confidence and Pride.
  • If you don’t believe in what you’ve created, how the hell can you expect Francesca King to believe in it? She won’t. Not for a second. Listen, this is your baby. Treat it with the same love, affection, and pride that you would a new son or daughter. Show pictures. Brag. Tell your audience how much this product means to you. You don’t need hype… natural enthusiasm will do just fine!

  • Don’t Hate On Proven Tactics. Look, I like to be different in my approach. And as a marketer, there are some tactics I can spot from a mile away… tactics that have been used a hundred thousand times. But please understand that they’ve been used this many times because they absolutely work like gangbusters. There’s nothing wrong with using a little scarcity, value stacking (and then price dropping), and downselling via exit pops. Just don’t overdo it. Don’t be scuzzy about it. These are tools, not weapons.
  • Never Stop Learning This Stuff! Master this skill. Develop your own winning style. Learn the basics like writing effective, attention-grabbing headlines, sales letter structure, P.S. implementation, and other such critical things. Always strive to evolve and outperform your last campaign. This just might transform you into a legend!

I could honestly go on and on about this subject. In fact, I may just create a copywriting course of my own. But for now, please do not underestimate the importance of the few tips I just shared with you.

Mastering this one key skill alone can transform a 4- or 5-figure earner into a 6- or even 7-figure earner. It’s that bloody important!

13. Recruit Motivated Affiliates

Get enough motivated and loyal affiliates, and nurture their performance effectively enough, and you’re not likely to hurt for money again for a very long time!

Remember, the name of the game here is sales. Look at any mega-successful car dealership on the planet. Is the owner of the dealership out there pounding the pavement every day, pitching to customers, personally giving test drives, filling out all the paperwork, and closing all the deals herself? Abso-freakin-lutely not!

Yet the sales need to keep coming in on a consistent basis, right?


So how are the sales made?

A commissioned sales force, that’s how! In the car game, these folks are simply called sales people, sales personnel, or sales associates, depending on the actual dealership. In the online world, they’re known as JV’s, JV partners, or most commonly, affiliate partners, or just plain affiliates.

The difference between the sales force of a brick and mortar company vs. your own army of online affiliates is that your inventory is unlimited, and therefore the number of affiliates you can recruit to work for you can also be unlimited. You can have hundreds or even thousands of people promoting your product(s) for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year! Extreme wealth has been generated in such ways!

If you have 100 affiliates each bringing in an average of just 1 sale per day, that’s 100 sales per day. Pay your affiliates 75% on a $37 product, and YOUR cut is $925 per DAY… and that’s just for the front end!

Think these numbers sound too good to be true? Totally unrealistic? Well, this would give you a massive $30,000+ per MONTH income. And I admit, this is a massive sum of money. But dude, there are guys and gals out there making 10x this much bank simply because they’ve got themselves hordes of motivated, loyal affiliates.

This is serious stuff. And YOU can totally do it!

Lee McIntyre brings in between $150,000 and $200,000 per month in personal online income. Guys like Frank Kern and Mike Filsaime? Mas. And these are just folks in the IM niche. It gets even bigger and better when you take a look at some of the health and fitness gurus out there. Mike Geary? Try a MILLION freakin’ bucks a month! Crazy town.

Lee, Cut the Crap. How Do I Recruit Affiliates? Just Give It to Me, Dude!

You gettin’ impatient on me? Jeez, you act like you’ve never read a 5000+ word blog post before! I know this is a monster of a blog post, but I really wanted to give you complete information here. Hopefully you appreciate that, and your eyes aren’t glazing over. In any event, we’re almost done.

Okay, okay… here’s whatcha gotta do:

  1. Choose an Affiliate-Friendly Payment Gateway.

    The most popular company with which to do business in this capacity is Clickbank. Simply go to and sign up as a vendor. If you’re in the IM niche, then you have other popular alternatives at your disposal. JVZoo and SimpleOneClick are two of these, though I personally prefer launching WSO’s via WarriorPlus/WSO Pro, which you can get for a penny by clicking this link.
  2. Create a JV Invite & Resources Page.

    The more elaborate you can be with this, the better. Give your affiliates banners, graphics, landing page options, plr articles, email swipes, ppc keywords, SEO and other affiliate marketing training, a rebrandable & viral freebie report that they can use to build their own email lists, etc. Also include an opt-in form so they can sign up for updates and news, including…
  3. Affiliate Contests and Incentives – Use ‘Em!

    Folks like to be rewarded for their hard work. It motivates them to perform at higher levels. This is particularly true when it comes to JV contests. Many of your affiliates will have a competitive nature about them. Offer to pay $500 to the top performer, $250 for second place, etc. Also, pay a $100 bonus to anyone who makes 20 sales within a certain time frame. You can use your own imagination and numbers, obviously.

    Be sure to have an ongoing leaderboard that lets your affiliate know where they stand. Also, don’t be afraid to personally contact your affiliates during a contest in an effort to motivate and encourage them further.
  4. Advertise Your Affiliate Program!

    When you really think about it, advertising to end users (customers) is not actually the best use of your resources. Why spend X number of dollars and Z amount of time acquiring one customer when you can spend that same amount of time and money to acquire an affiliate who can potentially bring you HUNDREDS of fresh, new customers? Good question, right?

    There are a few key places wherein you can effectively advertise. One of these is Clickbank itself. They have paid advertising for reasonable prices. And since this is where affiliates are already hanging out, you’re sure to get a great response. Facebook, the Warrior Forum, Linkedin, Skype (look for a group called “add your WSO”), and your own products and email lists are other great places to find high-quality affiliates.

Do not underestimate the importance of forming an army of affiliates. Russ Ruffino, creator of my new favorite IM course (hey, seasons change, baby!) “The Money Tree Method,” says there is nothing more powerful. In fact, he claims that your job online should be to create an in-demand front-end product, a quality back-end, and sales funnel. And THEN your ONLY job is to recruit and train affiliates for the rest of your life!

Obviously, that’s a bit of paraphrasing, but this is the essence of creating a wealth-generating online empire. That’s it. And I buy into this 100%… I hope you do, too! I can’t recommend The Money Tree Method strongly enough. If you’ve got a few extra bucks to spare and you want a course that will take you from A to Z in the fastest way possible, then click here to take a look at this dynamite video course now.

Okay, moving on…

14. Launch the Sucker!

Once you’ve got your product, sales and upsell funnels, sales copy, payment gateway, and affiliate structure in place, all that’s left to do is launch your product.

There are a couple ways you can do this. You can either create a huge buzz behind your product, encourage your affiliates to do the same by running a 48 hour contest, and turning the launch itself into a major production… OR you can not do these things and just treat your opening day the same as you intend to treat any other day.

Which of these you choose will come down to the nature of your niche, your own personal motivation, and the amount of time you’ve given yourself between “now” and launch day.

The first method is GREAT for generating a massive payday, and the IM niche itself is the best niche in which to build a major buzz prior to launching your product.

Getting your affiliates to join an “affiliates-only” mailing list is huge, not only for recruiting and building a buzz for your upcoming launch, but also for all subsequent launches of additional products you may offer.

In any case, once you launch your product, your doors to the incredible world of info marketing are officially open. Just remember to never stop gathering, training, and supporting new and current affiliates. This will be the most important thing you do and should take up the bulk of your time and advertising budget online.

A Word About Customer Support

When I first got started online, I really didn’t want to create my own products because I didn’t want to be bothered with customer complaints, questions, and support.

Now that I am a product creator, I absolutely LOVE handling these things! Why? Because this is my business, and there is a certain pride of ownership that goes along with it that I didn’t foresee initially.

If you really don’t want to deal with these things, then by all means hire yourself a competent support person or team to do all the “dirty work” for you. Please don’t let any fear of interaction keep you from sharing a killer product with the world.

That shit’s just whack, yo. 😉

In Conclusion

Whew! Finally, right?

Hey, I really hope you’ve gotten a TON of great stuff out of this marathon of a blog post.

May this information serve you well. And even though you just went through loads upon loads of content, there is very little doubt that you’ll still have some questions.

And that’s what I’m here for. Please use the contact form on this website to let me know what’s on your mind.

You may also want to consider receiving live, 1-on-1 personal coaching from me via Skype. Mention this blog post when you inquire about my mentoring program, and I’ll cut you a nice deal as my way of saying thanks for sticking around ’til the end of this sucker!

Finally, “Down and Dirty List Building” goes live in about a week. This is my newest book, covering a powerful system of list building shortcuts… from freebie to traffic to autoresponder content… this will be the easiest list building strategy you’ve likely ever seen.

Best of all, it works in virtually ANY niche! Not just IM.

I can’t wait to read your comment below. Feel free to leave it at this time.

To your own product creation mega-success,


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