Price Is Right Marketing: How Often Should I Email My List?

I hear it all the time.

“How often should I email my list? If I harass them every day, won’t they unsubscribe and complain? Won’t my reputation suffer?”

For starters, if you’re actually “harassing” your list, then you shouldn’t ever send them an email… ever! Not freakin’ ever. You’ve already sent too many emails!

If this is the case, then you’re obviously not a skilled email marketer and you need to get back to basics before you even think about sending another email. Please do yourself a favor. Enhance your rapport skills and email etiquette before proceeding.

It’s your job to make your emails a PLEASURE to receive. You want to send out such kickass emails that your audience can’t wait to get your next one. This should be your top priority in this business. If your emails aren’t awesome, then that’s on you.

You need to seriously step your game up. I don’t mean this as an insult in any capacity. But too many people mistakenly believe that they need to become good list builders first… and then they’ll become good email marketers.

This is completely backwards. And when you really think about it, I’m sure you’ll draw the same conclusion. Don’t you already believe this instinctively?

You’ve gotta know what to do with your list before you build the list just like you’ve gotta know how to do heart surgery before you get your first triple bypass patient!

Point Taken? Then Let’s Continue…

If you believe that your email marketing skills are, in fact, up to snuff… then it’s my turn to ask you a very serious question…

Why would you want to limit your contribution to the world?

Now obviously, this is relative. You could take the intention of this question and turn it right back around on me, asking “Why then, Lee, wouldn’t I want to email my list 100 times a day?” And I would reply “Touché… sort of.”

But when you really open your mind and consider what I’m about to share with you, I believe (and hope) that you’ll come around to my way of thinking on this one.

I have an analogy that I’d like to share with you at this time. It has to do with one of America’s most popular game shows of all-time. I hope this serves you well…

Price Is Right Marketing:

Consider the nature of this particular program.

It’s been on the air since 1972, is still going strong today, and is essentially just one giant, entertaining commercial. Correct me if I’m wrong. But wouldn’t you say that this is the single most commercialized television program in the history of TV?

The entire show is centered around name-brand products being featured for all the world to see. It’s an entire 60 minutes of product placement all throughout a fun-filled program that’s all about people’s wildest dreams coming true.

Smart as heck, ain’t it?

The show airs daily, five times a week. It has for decades.

And yet, even though this program is, in fact, a giant advertisement, what would its loyal fan base do if even one daily episode was withheld from them? That’s right… they’d riot and loot and tickle and murder. Well, maybe it wouldn’t come to that.

But it’d be pretty rough. 😉

The point is, if the producers of this wildly popular television game show were to say “You know, we really shouldn’t be harassing our viewers with daily episodes. Let’s cut back to one episode every 3-4 days,” rebellion would be afoot.

Folks would lose their damn minds.

And again – I cannot stress this strongly enough – this is for nothing more than an hour-long commercial with some entertainment, hopes, dreams, and sheer excitement thrown in for good measure. Yet millions are addicted to it.

And so can it be with your emails.

Now please hear me loud and clear on this…

You do not HAVE to mail out daily if you’re not comfortable doing so. But please don’t let the fear of not wanting to “bother” your list be the reason why. More proactive reasons for being more sparse with your communication can include:

  • Wanting to build up anticipation for a major announcement.
  • Wanting to take a few days off from writing emails.
  • Running a weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • Running an email membership program with weekly or monthly delivery.
  • Using email marketing for some purpose other than product promotions.

Otherwise, please don’t be scared.

If you mail out daily and find that your people are unsubscribing (per email) in significantly greater numbers than they do when your emails are more spaced-out, then you may want to look at dialing back the frequency.

Or you may want to start out by upping your game and writing better, more exciting emails. Be more playful, perhaps. Create contests… or stories with cliffhangers. Condition your audience to become excited and eager to open your next email!

It’s Not As Tough As You May Think…

A lot of people I talk to fear that they cannot maintain a fun email campaign. Somehow, they’ve decided that to keep their emails exciting, they need to always be evolving their style, making each email radically different from the last.

Let’s examine the validity of this fear by taking another look at TPIR.

Consider the “Showcase Showdown.” For decades, this could be dubbed the icon of this show. And for decades, it has never changed. The goal is always exactly the same. Get as close as you can to a dollar without going over. If you get exactly a dollar, you win $1000 and a bonus spin… where you can win multiple thousands.

Dude, it’s a freakin’ wheel with numbers on it!

Do they change it every episode? Heck no! That would make their loyal fans feel annoyed and angry. We’re all creatures of habit. When we find something we like, we just want more and more of that same thing.

Mariah Carey fans don’t expect her to start singing death metal on her next album. What would happen if McDonald’s decided to replace their two all-beef patties with tuna salad just to change shit up? Nothing good. Craziness would ensue.

So please don’t put pressure on yourself to make each email wildly different.

People on my list like the way I write emails. If I started writing them in someone else’s “voice,” there would be some drop-off. If I all of the sudden decided to start writing all my emails about raising chickens in Colorado, I’d have MAJOR drop-off.

At the End of the Day, It’s YOUR Business…

Please don’t let me or anyone else tell YOU how YOU should be running YOUR email marketing business. You’re the leader of your virtual empire. So really… be a leader!

That said, I would like to leave you with this all-important thought…

Remember that when you send out an email, it’s not you vs. them. In fact, there is no “them.” I don’t care if you’ve got a list of 100 subscribers or 100,000… the email is really only going out to one person, both literally and figuratively.

Wait, literally?

Yeah, think about it. Your message may be hitting 100k inboxes, but these people aren’t all piled into freakin’ Madison Square Garden… and you’re not on stage giving a speech. Your email goes into the living rooms of individuals, at home, sitting quietly in front of their computer, drinking cheap beer and scratching themselves.

In other words, they’re just regular folks. And they don’t know each other. They’re all separate people residing all over the world. And many of them need your help.

I say this to you as a matter of perspective.

When you write your emails, just imagine one of these people. Just one person. Maybe it’s a 55-year-old lady in her bathrobe, looking for a new income stream (if you happen to be in the IM niche) because her working days are coming to a close and she can’t afford a comfortable retirement.

Write to her.

Write to her like you really, truly, genuinely want to help her. The thought of her struggling breaks your heart. And the thought of helping her to lift herself up to a whole new level fills you up with joy and gives you a rich, warm kind of excitement.

Know what I mean?

When you do that, it’ll make your emails so much better.

And when you’re writing touching, energized, empassioned emails, why in the world would you ever want to withhold them from that dear lady in desperate need of your wisdom and charm… who falls more and more in love with you on a daily basis.

You, my friend, have become her Price Is Right!

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