Need Autoresponder Content… Now?

Need Autoresponder Content?

One of the most challenging aspects of building your list is getting your autoresponder loaded up with emails. As I’ve mentioned in my book, “The White Hot List,” one email per day is ideal in the IM niche (for me, anyway).

Some don’t agree with this frequency, and you are welcome to space your emails out as far apart as you’d like, but the bottom line is that you NEED to load up your autoresponder to really make email marketing work for you.

“But Isn’t That A LOT Of Work, Lee?”

Hell yes, it is! But it’s certainly worth it.

As I’ve told you before, it’s best if you can make your subject lines provocative… and then keep the body of your email fairly cryptic to inspire a click. There are countless styles you can implement, and really the content in your emails will be influenced by a variety of things, including the offer, the rapport you’ve established with your list, good old-fashioned common sense, and your own imagination.

Now if you’re a decent writer, and you believe that you’ve got the talent, time, and desire to do this all yourself, then more power to you. That’s fantastic! However, not everyone’s got all three of these going for them.

If that’s the case, here are my 2 suggestions…

1. Hire me to do it for you! That’s right, I’m now offering my services to loyal subscribers for cheap! I will create an entire 30-day autoresponder sequence for you for a very reasonable fee. Check out my services page for more information.

2. Purchase top-quality PLR content. Go to Tiffany Dow’s PLR Mini Mart and take a look at her plr mega packs. These packs include a short report (perfect if you need an opt-in freebie) and 52 pre-written email autoresponder messages. Simply choose the package that’s in your niche, pay the lady (very reasonable), and load these messages into your autoresponder sequence. Done!

Tiff Dow is the best in the biz. Her content will serve you well.

Now she does recommend that you space her autoresponder messages out a week apart from each other. Obviously, 52 emails will last you a year. I’m still of the opinion that you should keep in daily contact with your subscribers. There are varying opinions when it comes to this, and you are encouraged to test your own results and choose your own path in this regard.

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to communicate to you today. If you have any questions about setting up your autoresponder sequence, please feel free to leave me a comment below. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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