My Top 3 Must-Have IM Products

I’m going to keep today’s blog post short and sweet for you…

I have actually decided to make this post for my email subscribers and customers who email me daily asking which IM products I most recommend. This will give me the ability to simply redirect them to this post and save us all a little time! 😉

While the landscape of Internet marketing as a whole changes all the time, it seems that the list building model stays pretty much the same. Create a sales funnel… drive traffic.

That said, there are courses out there that can not only walk you through this process in the most simple and elegant of ways… they can also help you to seriously boost your conversions at every turn… and put far more money in your pocket as a result.

So without further adieu…

Lee’s Top 3 Must-Have IM Products

#1 – The Profit Funnel by Alex Jeffreys

What a great list building course this truly is. The 85 minute video clearly demonstrates the exact steps you need to take in order to set up the highest-quality sales funnel you possibly can.

Not only that, but the included bonuses could be complete standalone products of their own. There are great, information-packed videos on FREE traffic generation (smart), hijacking other people’s traffic (again… smart), and even how to create your very own information product in about an hour!

The best part about this product is the value. You can get the entire training suite for under 10 bucks. I don’t know how much longer he’ll be offering it at this price, but even if it’s gone up by the time you’re reading this, it’s still a great investment at a much higher price point!

If you only purchase one IM product in 2013, this should be the one you grab.

To learn more about this extraordinary, budget-friendly training program, as well as to watch an emotional, inspirational video from Alex Jeffreys himself, click this link and enjoy!

Alex Jeffreys Profit Funnel

#2 – The Wise Old Email Gorilla by Jimmy and Pete

This is relationship building taken to new extremes! I love this course because it taught me a whole lot of stuff I didn’t know. And I thought I knew everything! 😉

In case you’re not aware, this is a 105-page masterpiece that’s full of brilliantly told stories, actual case studies of highly effective campaigns… all sorts of good stuff.

“But what the heck is it actually about, Lee?”

Converting subscribers into customers, plain and simple.

This course shows you how to make a healthy income even if you only have a tiny list. It teaches you how to make your subscribers drool in anticipation of your next email. It’s all about the psychology of highly effective email marketing.

I recommend picking this one up in addition to my #1 must-have product. The two of them work together quite synergistically, giving you the best possible chance of achieving mega success online!

If you’d like to check out The Wise Old Email Gorilla, click this link and enjoy!

The Wise Old Email Gorilla

#3 – Profit Max Generator FREE DVD Offer by Lee McIntyre

Want to learn from a man who personally earns over $150,000 per MONTH? Yeah, I don’t blame you. The cool thing is, now you can… for FREE!

Lee McIntyre is a stud. The man teaches online business the way it should be. What I really like about him is his ability to maximize his time only doing those things that produce the greatest return. He doesn’t spend days on the small stuff. He spends hours on the HUGE stuff.

This guy’s process includes rapid product creation, quick and easy sales videos, and recruiting world-class affiliates using various types of “bribery.” He’s all about creating an entire product LINE for yourself… quickly and shamelessly. He’s the master of the upsell, and he teaches you how to follow suit.

Listen, this free DVD covers the exact same workshop that he charged the attendees nearly a thousand bucks apiece to attend. And you get to sit there like a fly on the wall… for free! Well, he does ask a small $5 shipping and handling fee for the DVD, which brings up another interesting point.

This is a PHYSICAL product. And what I find to be great about that is that once you actually purchase an IM product that you can hold in your hands, it helps you to really OWN your business. Yeah, that’s a statement that appeals to psychology… but it’s totally true!

If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab this free DVD for a split second. Watch this free video for all the details, and to see what Mr. McIntyre is all about. He truly is one of the greatest marketers on the planet, and you will be doing yourself a HUGE favor by picking this great DVD up today!


I’ve just presented you with my 3 must-have IM products of 2013! You don’t need all three of these products. But if you do invest in all three, you will become a much better list builder and email marketer… there’s no doubt about it.

Use The Profit Funnel to set up a winning sales funnel, create your own product in record time, and recruit an unbelievable amount of motivated affiliates to help you cash the hell in on a massive scale… fast!

Use The Wise Old Email Gorilla to make the very most out of each and every subscriber on your list. Set up your email autoresponder in a way that establishes a trusting environment; an environment in which your subscribers absolutely cannot wait to receive your next email… and buy whatever it is you happen to be promoting!

And use your Profit Max Generator FREE DVD to build a massive buyers list right out of the gate. You will learn from one of the absolute masters of list building and online business in general. This is simply an invaluable resource that you can’t afford not to add to your Internet marketing library today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. Please leave a comment below to share your opinion of any or all of these that you’ve happened to implement yourself. Also, feel free to recommend any additional IM products that you believe might be of great benefit to your fellow list builders.

As always, your readership is very much appreciated, my friend. We’ll talk again soon!

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