My New Business Model!

A paradigm shift has occurred in my little Lee brain… and I’m absolutely juiced about it!

List building has been my special homie for years now. I’ve managed to have some success with it. Moreover, I’ve enjoyed some success teaching it. But here’s what…

There are undeniably a whole freakin’ lot of moving parts involved with it. First, there’s the funnel…

  • The giveaway “bait” product
  • The monetized thank-you page
  • The download page
  • The integration marketing
  • The autoresponder sequence
  • The balance between content and promotions
  • Ongoing content and offers

Then you’ve got the marketing itself. How frequently do you send out offers? How do you walk the fine line between making a steady income and burning out your list? What should you say in each email to get the most clicks and the fewest unsubscribes?

Then there’s the issue of potentially putting junk traffic on your list… and trying desperately to revive a dead or dying list. And finally cleaning all the unresponsive people off of your list with a bitter farewell.

Traditional list building (and even my Down and Dirty List Building shortcut system) comes fully equipped with its own fair share of flaws, there’s no question about it.

So what then?

What’s the alternative?

The Great Paradigm Shift

The main challenge I’ve found with list building is this…

People have NO PROBLEM building a list. But they usually have IMMENSE TROUBLE actually making money from their list. Either their marketing strategy is all wrong, the list isn’t very good quality, or they simply freeze up after acquiring their leads.

Can you personally relate with any of this? I can.

The trouble is that we’re building a list of people looking for free shit, and then asking them to spend their money with us. This leads to ridiculously low conversions. Paltry. Sad.

Here’s the traditional list building paradigm: You put people on your list for free and then pitch them with product offers.

Here’s my NEW list building paradigm: Your list is the product.

Ladies and gentlemen…

The Paid Subscription Model

What I am now embarking upon is essentially the art of becoming an online magazine publisher. Not a brand new concept, but it’s new to me from an action standpoint.

The thing is, this model looks so damn good on paper, I honestly can’t even imagine it not being a life-changing undertaking.

For starters, it solves essentially every problem associated with traditional list building.

1. You don’t need to set up a giant funnel. In fact, all you need is about 7-10 pieces of content per month. All this content gets put into one single email!

2. You don’t need to create any content. You can find content on the Internet. You can use plr. You can outsource it (it’s good to have multiple articles written in different “voices”). Best of all, you can actually have your subscribers create all the content for you for FREE!

3. You don’t have to promote any products whatsoever. You can if you’d like. It’s a monthly newsletter, and you can always include a “product recommendation of the month” section for extra monetization if you wish, but it’s totally not necessary. Why?


They receive one issue of your online magazine per month, and pay a modest, recurring subscription fee for the privilege. I’ll be charging $4.95 per month per subscriber.

Listen, this is income that comes in month after month like clockwork. You put just 100 people on your list and you’re making $495 per month… month in and month out… with no extra work. 1000 subscribers = $4950/mo. 10,000 subs = almost 50k per month!

10,000 subscribers is extremely realistic in most niches.

There are many, many, many traditional list builders with over 10,000 people on their lists, and I guarantee you that almost none of them are bringing in 50k per month.

And they have to market their asses off. You and I don’t. 😉

Virtually Any Market. Virtually Any Niche.

Don’t wanna be in the IM niche? The health market not really doing it for you? How about the pet turtle niche? Quilting? Swimming? Table tennis? Raising an autistic child? Camping? Gardening? What’s your deal?

With this model, there’s nothing to sell except for your $4.95 per month newsletter. This gives you free range to enter just about any niche you have a personal interest (and possibly some expertise) in. Great news for most of us!

I know a lot of people believe that in order to make money online, they have to sell their souls and compromise their own personal integrity. With the paid subscription model, this is no longer an issue.

I’ve got a great freakin’ niche that I intend to get rich with. I’m taking this thing to the top. Obviously, I’d be crazy to reveal my niche in this blog post. But it really doesn’t matter in terms of my success vs. yours. Passionate folks in almost any niche will be willing to spend a measly $4.95 per month for your newsletter!

Steady, Predictable Income!

Perhaps the greatest thing about this model is that there’s no real guesswork involved. You know that if you can get x number of people to sign up each month, you’ll be earning y amount of money.

This makes setting and reaching goals much easier.

With traditional list building, you can set a goal to put 1000 new subscribers on your list each month, but you have no idea what that will translate to in terms of dollars earned… at least not to any truly pinpointed degree.

You may get shitty leads and earn next to nothing. You may have to promote unproven products that you don’t necessarily believe in to your subscribers. You may end up burning out your list in order to make a short-term profit.

With the paid subscription model, this simply isn’t the case. Again, your list is not designed to be marketed to. In fact, you want to market to them as little as possible. You put them on your list, they access your newsletter each month, you collect their subscription fees, and that’s it!

You have 500 people on your list, you know that’s going to earn you $2500/mo. Period. End of story. Of course, there will be some drop-off, but not much. After all, what’s $4.95 per month to someone who is passionate about the niche your magazine caters to?


It would be more of a hassle for them to cancel their subscription than it would be for them to continue accessing and enjoying each monthly issue of your newsletter. Besides, you’re actually appealing to their ego and individuality… and in fact, their identity!

If you’re a drummer who is subscribed to a drumming magazine, you’ll never cancel that subscription. You want the world to know you’re a drummer! It’s part of who you are. “I’m a drummer. I take my craft seriously. I’m even subscribed to a drumming newsletter.”

Don’t you intuitively believe this to be true?

I’ve been wanting to embrace this business for the longest time. Ever since I invested in Jimmy Brown’s “Membernaire” product 4 or 5 years ago, I knew this was a winner. I just never took action because I was already dabbling in SO MUCH! I was making money with Market Health products… and Adsense… and Clickbank.

It went on the backburner.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I would have succeeded with it at that time anyway. I have learned so bloody much since then… and have had so much success along the way… that now I know it’s an absolute guarantee.

Knowing what I know now, I can’t possibly fail! Mark my words on that one, homie. This is real talk.

Lee, Why The Everlovin’ Crap Are You Telling Me All This, Dude?

Did you just call me fat?

Okay, two reasons. The first reason is that this is straight guaranteed to be the easiest, fastest, and most stable income you or I have ever earned online. I KNOW it will be! There’s not a doubt in my mind.

As such, I’d feel like an asshole if I didn’t share this with you. In fact, keep reading and I’ll spell it all out for you, step by step… to the highest degree I can, anyway. I’m going to recommend two courses to you that you should absolutely invest in if you want more detailed instruction.

The second reason is that I’m looking for new coaching clients whom I can lead to total victory with this exciting business model. I have marketing know-how that most folks simply don’t have, and I can share my expertise with you, one-on-one, in a highly-structured, completely actionable sort of way.

I recently sent out an email offering results coaching for $1997. A few of you have taken me up on this coaching. But I have room for THREE 6-week students. And for this coaching, I will take your enrollment fee all the way down to $497. Contact me using the “Contact” form on this website to express your interest.

We’ll take it from there. 😉

The Paid Subscription Model: Your Step-by-Step Walk-Through…

Here’s what I’m going to be doing… and I certainly welcome you to follow along. All you’ve gotta do to rock this business to the top is:

Step One:

Choose a “passion” niche. Pets (think obscure), family, career, and hobbies are best.

Step Two:

Compile content. Find cool videos and pics. Write a bit yourself, if you’d like. Compile 3 to 6 issues’ worth of content in advance. IMPORTANT: Be sure in each issue to ask your subscribers to share their own stories, pics, and videos to be used in later issues!

Step Three:

Name your newsletter and create your issues. This is super easy. There’s a feature within the GetResponse autoresponder platform that allows you to create beautiful, clean-looking newsletters quickly and easily.

Just plug in the content you compiled in the previous step and you’re like totally all set n’ like ready to go n’ junk.

Step Four:

Create a super simple sales page that simply lets your audience know what you’ve got to offer. Remember, this is only a $4.95 investment and these folks are highly passionate about the niche. As such, it should be quite an easy sell (that’s what I’m hoping for anyway 😉 )

Just let them know what your newsletter is all about, what you’ve got to offer them, and how they are sure to benefit in a major way. Appeal to their identity as a passionate ______. Tell them your newsletter “may just be the missing piece,” or whatever. Get it?

Step Five:

Send traffic to your sales page! I’m personally only going to be focusing on free traffic at first. Free, organic traffic is essentially the gift that keeps on giving. You get your message online across various free sites and search engines, and you continue getting traffic day in and day out… you no longer have to work (or pay) for this traffic.

Enough of this traffic can truly set you free, especially using this model… where you’re getting paid many times over by each person on your list. Your success compounds and all you have to do is get links to your sales page all over the web. Easy!

I can hear some of y’all mofos now. “But Lee, organic traffic is slow. It takes too long. I’ll never be able to rank for all my keywords. SEO is a fool’s game. It’s too risky. It requires too much effort and doesn’t guarantee a return. Google’s animals keep attacking. Your ears are too big.”

Hey, that wasn’t nice.

You know, at one point I agreed that acquiring free traffic was a total gamble. But then I got this course that showed me a much different way. I have run some of the tests she recommends and have had jaw-dropping results. I have been able to rank at the top of Google for highly viable keywords in a matter of:

not years…

not months…

not weeks…

not days…

not hours…

and not even minutes…

but just SECONDS!

It’s sincerely the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my 5+ years doing this stuff. I cannot recommend highly enough that you grab this course immediately and put it into action right away. I promise you that you’ll find yourself ranking for keywords in just seconds or minutes too!

>> Click Here to Check It Out! <<


Your Other Must-Have Course…

While I am no stranger to this model, and have been exposed to it a few times throughout my career, it was the most recent course I invested in, Adam Nolan’s Passive Print System, that really got my juices flowing and truly inspired me to act.

The course is brilliant. It walks you through this model from start to finish. From niche selection to content acquisition to setting up your newsletter to driving traffic. He focuses mostly on Facebook traffic.

I promise you, if you get his course and follow it… and use the Facebook traffic generation strategies he covers with you… and do what I’m doing by implementing Jennifer’s free traffic course… you and I are going to be financially free in a matter of months.

I absolutely know this to be true.

In fact, if I were you, I’d forget everything else I know and focus only on this for the next 90 days. There is no question in my mind that your life will be much different than it is now when these 3 months are over. But you’ve gotta put in the work, okay?

Alright, so if this sounds like a winner to you, then please don’t stall. Go, go, go!

I will undoubtedly be keeping you updated on my own progress. I have a few obligations with my Health Market Gold business. Once I’ve met those obligations, I’m hitting this business with everything I’ve got. I will likely be starting on Monday. So exciting!


Please share your thoughts and feelings about this post and business model below. I always LOVE to read and reply to my comments. And I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about this particular topic.

Also, if you have a few extra bucks to invest, I cannot urge you any more strongly to pick up the two courses I’ve discussed and USE THEM TOGETHER! Use Adam’s course to create your newsletter and promote it with paid traffic (if you so desire). Use Jennifer’s course to promote your newsletter with the fastest free traffic you’ve ever seen!

>> Click Here to Get Adam’s Course Now! <<

>> Click Here to Get Jennifer’s Course Now! <<

Alright… I want to hear about your success in the VERY near future. And you’d better believe I’ll be bragging all about mine… it starts Monday for me! When does it start for you? Comment below.

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