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May 7, 2012:

I’ve actually been completely without an ad budget this entire week. Lots of pesky bills got in the way. Lame-o. I’ve done a couple ad swaps, but they were small-time. Me no likey small-time.

Anyway, here are my current stats: 704 subscribers, daily average income about $26

May 1, 2012:

I really haven’t done much in terms of building my list. But I’ve made dozens of sales from my broadcasts! However, I did have one good banking partner, which helped a bit.

My stats: 661 subscribers… $251.95 in affiliate commissions (3 weeks)

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April 16, 2012:

1 great solo ad later…

My stats: 587 subscribers – 3 OTO sales

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Seems like I’m moving at a snail’s pace here, doesn’t it? I’m in the process of moving and am without internet for the next week… and have been for about a week now.

At least we’re moving in the right direction, right?

April 9, 2012:

2 solo ads (200 and 250 clicks) later, I’ve managed to grow my list by over 200 subscribers.

My stats: 446 subscribers – 1 OTO sale

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Also, I sent out a broadcast email for a really good (and cheap) listbuilding WSO and made 4 sales! This is truly the first money I’ve made with my list, other than on the one-time offer… so I’m stoked!

My email headline, by the way, was “Hooker Builds List of 12,000+ While ‘On the Job'”

… It got a MASSIVE open rate! Lots of clicks, too! I made approximately $30 total from this one email. Now just imagine what it’ll be like when my list has 4,460 subscribers… that’ll be $300 for one mailing! And at 44,600 subscribers, that’ll be $3000 for one mailing!

Man, I LOVE email marketing!

By the way, if you’d like to check out that great list building WSO (called “List Building Maniac”), then you can do so by clicking this link. Thanks.

March 28, 2012:

At the tail end of my 3rd WSO bump. I managed to add 41 new subscribers to my list. What’s more, I made two sales which lightened my adspend by 20 bucks. So I paid $20 to put 41 new friends on my email list. Cool, right?

My stats: 247 subscribers – 2 sales

(Click image to enlarge… it’s clear!)

Again, I’m not taking over the world yet… but I’m sure that’s how it goes. It’s okay to grow your list slowly at the beginning, provided that once it does get to a certain size (500-1000 subscribers), you start leveraging that list to gain new subs… as your list size grows, your leverage grows.

Of course, I’m talking about adswaps. If you don’t know what adswaps are, it’s simply when two list owners get together and mail to their own lists on the other’s behalf. In other words, I send my subscribers to your squeeze page, and you send your subscribers to mine.

That’s what I’ll be doing shortly, and I’m very excited. I’ve also purchased two solo ads… one for a guaranteed 200 clicks to my “White Hot List” squeeze page, and another for 250 clicks. Both of the guys I purchased from have reputations for massively over-delivering, so this could very well put me past the 500 subscriber mark!

These solos go out April 3 and April 6.

March 24, 2012:

Slow and steady at the moment. Explosive growth will happen soon. I bumped my WSO and my results were only half as good as before… I think the time I bumped was bad (2 am PST). Anway, here are my stats…

214 subscribers (total) and no income (since my WSO bump).

Aweber 3/24/2012That’s a total of 214 active subscribers in 20 days. Not the most impressive story ever told, but I’ve been relatively passive up to this point.

My next report should be more inspiring.

March 18, 2012:

I launched my free WSO (which cost me $40) a few days ago, and it has outperformed my solo ad significantly. Here are my current stats…

158 total subscribers
The WSO brought me 139 clicks, 99 opt-ins, and $0 in commissions.

I had changed my OTO page, and it didn’t convert at all. I changed it back to the way it was before, so we’ll see if I can monetize this process more effectively next time around. I’ve still done no adswapping because my list isn’t big enough yet. Once it gets to 500 – 750, I intend to adswap every day for 60 days.

Okay, back to work!

March 8, 2012:

March 9 Aweber Stats

My very first solo ad is winding down. I think it was quite successful.

262 clicks… 90 opt-ins… 34% conversion… $33 in commissions.

Cost of solo ad… $85 – $33 commissions = $52 total cost, or 58 cents per subscriber!

I’ll definitely improve these numbers, but this isn’t too shabby right out of the gate. My goal is to have a winning opening sales funnel that actually PAYS ME to run solo ads! I’m optimistic and excited.

I’ll be launching my free WSO next Wednesday (March 14), giving away my “White Hot List” ebook. I need to create more products for more significant back-end monitization. Will do this weekend.

March 3, 2012:

0 Subcribers, 0 Sales, 0 Income

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