List Building Maniac Review

Lee Murray’s List Building Maniac Review:

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I recently recommended a product called List Building Maniac to my list (maybe you’ve already purchased it, maybe not) and it’s been met with great reception. However, I merely sent my traffic to the offer and not to an honest review.

I did this because I hadn’t gone through the entire course yet, but was so impressed right out of the gate that I felt it was worth recommending… especially considering the fact that it’s under 10 bucks (although by the time you read this it might be more, as it’s a WSO that goes up 2 cents after each purchase).

But now that I’ve gone through all the course materials myself, I’d like to offer you my own personal review of List Building Maniac. I hope this helps.

What Is List Building Maniac?

List Building Maniac is a video listbuilding course that walks you through almost every important, results-producing aspect of building a large list fast… and converting that list into real money in the bank.

It was created by a gentleman named Travis Petelle, who has enjoyed some pretty incredible results employing the very same strategies he teaches in this product. His list is now over 12,000 subscribers and he earns very close to 5-figures per month.

This is a great all-in-one course for newbie and seasoned email marketer alike. It covers cool concepts like setting up your autoresponder in a very specific way to build rapport all along the way, gaining credibility and trust… and therefore lending more weight to the products you produce and promote.

In other words, it shows you how to convert visitors into buyers. Sound useful?

More than that, List Building Maniac shows you how to put hordes of targeted subscribers on your list fast. 3,000 subscribers a month? Too easy. By following the techniques outlined in this 8-part video course (plus 2 pdf’s and lots of valuable – and practical – bonuses) you will be putting yourself WAY above the pack, and earning a full-time income online within 30 days is sincerely not out of the question… at all!

List Building Maniac Review – What I Like About It:

  • Easy to comprehend
  • Newbie-friendly
  • Practical and workable
  • Well laid-out
  • Travis’ relaxed, friendly, and conversational style
  • Exciting new concepts being shared
  • Great sales funnel training
  • Left me feeling more excited and empowered
  • No filler, no fluff… just lots of really great content

List Building Maniac Review – What I Don’t Like About It:

  • Travis endorses double opt-in, which I’m personally not a fan of.
  • Videos delivered a la carte, not numbered or well-organized
  • Doesn’t show technical aspects (squeeze page setup, etc.)
  • Promotes lengthy, salesy squeeze pages, which I personally shy away from

List Building Maniac Review – Conclusion:

This has become one of my new favorite email marketing courses – and easily my favorite course at this price point – almost overnight. Moreover, it is the best WSO I’ve ever purchased… and I’ve invested in many!

This is real-world stuff that any listbuilder who’s serious about taking their business and personal income to the next level NEEDS to own. It’s a reference that you can go back to again and again. I already have a few times.

It’s a quality resource and you’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.

Again, the price goes up with each sale, so you really need to act fast if you want to order List Building Maniac at the lowest possible price.

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After you order, you’ll be taken to a download page where you’ll find a list of download links for the product. I suggest you create a new folder on your desktop called “List Building Maniac.” Then, right click each link and “Save As.” For the top link, you can keep the name of the zip folder the same, but put a “1.” in front of the title.

In other words, if the name of the file is “” then you’ll rename it “1.” – You’ll then repeat this step for each item on the list… the next item will have a “2.” in front of it, and the next item will have a “3.” in front of it and so on. Just go down the line and save each item to your newly created “List Building Maniac” folder and you’ll be good to go.

I’m just tryin’ to help you stay organized!

Because I care and stuff.

Enjoy your new listbuilding course, and we’ll talk soon!

– Lee

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