List Building Fundamentals – Quit Looking for New Answers!

The title of this blog post should not suggest that learning new ways to build your list is necessarily a bad idea. In and of itself, learning new tips and tricks can have a positive impact on your business, no question.

But when do you stop learning and start doing? And at what point do you find what works best for you, marry it, and ride that mothertrucker ’til the wheels fall off?

Too many of us have gotten ourselves good and addicted to the word “new.” SCREW NEW!

There are certain fundamentals of list building that just plain work. The more you work them, the bigger your list becomes and the more money you make. Period. End of stinkin’ story!

So what are these list building fundamentals? I’m really glad you asked. Why? Because that’s what this blog post is all about, you big silly! Jeez, doesn’t anyone read titles anymore?

List Building Fundamentals:

Here’s the process of building a list, in a nutshell…

1. Set up (and constantly improve) your sales funnel.
2. Drive traffic to your sales funnel.
3. Keep repeating step 2 until you die peacefully in your bed at the age of 129… rich as hell.

And that’s it! Where the fundamentals really come in is with the driving of traffic. And how, pray tell, do you do that?

1. Buy solo ads.
2. Run free and/or low-cost WSO’s.
3. Do ad swaps.
4. Make and submit videos to YouTube.
5. Host and/or contribute to giveaway events.
6. Guest blogging.
7. PPC.
8. PPV.
9. Upload pdf’s to e-book sharing sites.
10. Integration marketing

And there are many additional ways to get traffic. Wanna know how I get traffic? Solo ads, WSO’s, giveaways, and integration marketing. That’s it!

These are the four ways I use to generate traffic to my sales funnel! Do you have to use these same four ways? Crap no! You don’t have to use any of them! You could just do video marketing and run ad swaps with other list owners. You can do Facebook marketing, article marketing, or even hand out flyers to folks at the damn bus stop!

But here’s the deal…

Whatever you choose to do in order to get that traffic coming in, you need to do it well. You need to do it enthusiastically. And most importantly, you need to do it consistently. Let it become a habit… a ritual… a fundamental!

This is how you become a mega success.

While everyone else is out looking for the “latest and greatest,” you should be diligently employing the “tried and true.” Find what works and stick with it… over… and over… and over… and freaking over again! Practice the fundamentals daily!

I’ll tell you what works for me, okay?

Lee’s List Building Fundamentals

1. First, I design an amazing sales funnel. If you haven’t already picked up your $5 copy of my “Sales Funnel Supreme” book, you may want to very seriously consider making the investment. It walks you through the entire process of crafting a profit-generating sales funnel in next to no time. Just a thought…

Okay, so I craft a winning sales funnel that puts money in my pocket as I build my list.

2. I use the income this killer sales funnel produces to invest in SOLO ADS and WSO BUMPS/LAUNCHES.

3. Every once in a while, I host a mini JV giveaway event.

4. I employ the integration marketing techniques covered in my “JV Double-Down” book (which you can find here) to build my list at least twice as fast with very minimal amounts of effort.

5. I blog once every few days and link to my posts from short emails in Aweber.

6. I constantly test and tweak my squeeze page for ever-improving conversions.

And that’s it… really! That’s what I do to build my list as quickly, intelligently, and effectively as possible. Now I am also a product creator, for which I practice an entirely different set of fundamentals. But for just straight-up, grass roots list building, those six steps are pretty much all I do.

How Do You Focus On Just the Fundamentals of List Building?

Short answer: You just do.

You need to immerse yourself in work. Obviously, you’ll need to define what that is for yourself. You can follow my lead and do some of the same things I do. Or you can choose a different route that makes sense to you… and that works!

One thing I am about to start offering is private mentoring. I’m still fleshing it out, but here’s what I’m thinking…

I will take 10, and only 10 mentoring/consulting students each month and transform them into successful list builders by helping them gain pure focus, develop a very specific action plan for them to follow, and “forcing” them to practice the damn fundamentals every single day. Each coaching session will last half an hour, and will happen 3 days per week. I will be charging $997 for a full month, after which time my students will have respectable list sizes and be earning inspiring incomes.

At the end of each coaching session, I will create a customized pdf report for the student that recaps what we discussed during the session. It will include a checklist of actions the student needs to take prior to our next coaching session. Accountability will be a HUGE focus of mine… I will definitely be pushing my students to earn their success! 😉

I’ve not yet decided if these sessions will take place over the telephone, on Skype, or via Facebook Chat. Perhaps I will incorporate all three.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, and you’re ready to work your ass off to make your online business really work, then by all means drop me a line at (or you can use the contact form on this site) and let me know. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I’d love to hear from you, and hopefully work with you personally.

List Building Fundamentals – Conclusion:

If you find yourself bored practicing the fundamentals of list building, then something is seriously wrong. While the work can get repetitive, the work can get repetitive, the work can get repetitive, the work… oh, crap… sorry! While it can, in fact, be repetitive in nature, you’re not waiting weeks to see results like you would with SEO tasks.

With list building, you can get instant gratification. You’re growing an empire of email subscribers that can feed you and your family for a very long time to come… and your income grows with your list size, my friend! That’s good stuff, and well worth spending a little bit of your time doing “the same old shit.” Don’t you agree?

Practice those fundamentals and stop chasing new. Remember, SCREW NEW! TRIED AND TRUE! SCREW NEW! TRIED AND TRUE! (come on, say it with me now) SCREW NEW! TRIED AND TRUE! — Hey, I never said I wasn’t a dork! 😉

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