Let’s Take a Music Break!

Isn’t list building fun? Boy, I sure think it is. It sure as crap beats waiting tables. That’s been my profession for the past 15 years… ugh.

I LOVE Internet marketing with a passion. I could (and do) talk about it all day every day. But you know what? It’s not my primary passion.

Is it yours?

I would guess that you’re probably a lot like me. You find the world of online business exciting, full of opportunity and mysteries yet to be solved. And it really is. This is an exciting beast, indeed.

But you’re probably exactly like me in that, when you were a wee one sitting in your 8th grade Civics class, being asked what you wanted to be when you grew up… “Internet marketer” was NOT your response. Am I right?

So what did you want to be?

I remember that 8th grade Civics class very well. Our teacher wrote our answers down on the board as we gave them. And if you could go back in time to the yesteryear of 19 hundred and 89, and you could look upon that board… and if you saw the answer “Heavy Metal Drummer” scribbled upon said board in pseudo cursive writing…

You’d know exactly whose answer you were looking at!

Music First, Then Marketing

My IM business pays the bills. But it’s music that pays my heart. And I don’t just create music. I’m a music lover. I love to listen!

Now don’t get me wrong. I truly enjoy producing great information products that help people live better lives. That’s incredibly rewarding for me, so don’t think for a second that what I’m suggesting is IM doesn’t give my life meaning. I don’t just do it for the money. Not at all.

But when I’m mid-way through writing an e-book and a good song starts playing on my iTunes, I often STOP writing and just focus all my attention on the music. This is especially true if I’ve got a few beers in me! 😉

Just to be clear, I’m perfectly sober as I write this. No embarrassing drunk blogging today, y’all!

I just thought that maybe we could take a break. I would really like for you to get to know me better. More importantly, I’d really like to get to know you better!

As such, I would like for this particular post to be fully interactive. I’m going to share some of my favorite music with you. I really hope you enjoy it. Hopefully I introduce you to something new and enjoyable.

Then, I would REALLY like for you to leave me a comment in the -ahem- comments section. It’s “down there” somewhere.

You can leave any comment you like. Let me know what you think of my music choices. Let me know who your top 3 bands/artists are. If you’re not a music lover, let me know what YOUR passions are. Tell me you think this is a lame-ass blog post and I should just stick to marketing-speak. Whatever.

What would be really awesome is if you’d post a link or two to a cool music video. Give me the link, I’ll peep the vid, and provided it’s not horribly inappropriate, I will post it right here on this blog post for all to see.

And it doesn’t just have to be a music vid. If there’s something that you’re excited to share (stand-up comedy, a great personal development lesson, etc.), then drop a link and I’ll share it with my wonderful subscribers and blog readers. Sound good? Cool, I’ll go first!

Lee’s Top 3 Bands/Artists:

3. Fiona Apple

2. Deftones

1. Ellie Goulding

Did You Enjoy?

I decided to spare you any type of commentary, though I was tempted as hell!

I just really want to get on with the business of sharing YOUR responses. But please let me know if you enjoy any or all of my selections. Those weren’t necessarily my favorite songs from those artists… but many of my personal favorite tracks don’t have music videos, just audio. I thought you might like to have a good visual experience, too!

Okay, leave your comments below. I will post any videos you’d like to share. After you’ve done that, get your ass back to work! That list ain’t gonna build itself! 😉

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