Lee’s Top 5 List Building Courses

There are lots of list building and email marketing courses out there for you to learn this business from. Some of this training is free, and some of it will require an investment. I have learned incredible amounts of quality information from both of these camps, but I’d have to say that I’ve been more impressed with the training I’ve paid for.

This could be psychological (perceived value, etc.), but I really don’t think so.

The best free training I’ve come across has generally come in the form of free webinars. Of course, at the end of these webinars there’s always a relatively high-priced product being pitched at the end, and in some cases you need to actually make that investment in order for what you learned in the webinar to be implemented to its fullest… which kind of sucks, in my opinion.

Still, the education I’ve gotten from these free webinars has undoubtedly made me a better marketer. No question.

That said, the products I’ve actually invested my money in have proven to be far more valuable to me, generally speaking. There are always exceptions – and I have invested in some crappy products – but for the most part, I’ve been quite happy with my paid list building education.

Today, I’m simply sharing my favorites with you. These are the programs that I truly believe every serious list builder NEEDS to own (especially my #1 and #2 rated products). These have provided me with unbelievable benefit, and I have no doubt that they’ll do the same for you!

Lee’s Top 5 List Building Courses:

#1 – Street Smart Profits:

This course was released in late April of 2012 and has quickly become my favorite list building course of all-time… virtually overnight. This training program (and amazing software resource) is the brainchild of superstar email marketer John Cornetta, along with his friends Frank Salinas and Cindy Battye, who are amazing list builders in their own right.

Mr. Cornetta achieved the seemingly impossible when he built a massive IM email list of over 350,000 (yes, that’s three hundred and fifty thousand) subscribers in his first 14 months online!  That’s an average of 25,000 subscribers per month! With a list that size, the man throws a temper tantrum if he makes less than $1200 per DAY in personal income… and he usually makes a LOT more than that!

Do you think this guy might have something to teach you? ;=)

The program includes built-in sales funnels (you’ve gotta see it to believe it), in-depth video training, and a very revealing interview with Mr. Cornetta where he gives away a whole slew of his dirtiest secrets that got him to where he is today. Remember, the man built a list of over 1/3 million subscribers in just over a year!

Click the link below to watch a great video by John Cornetta. WARNING: He uses some pretty “colorful” language. But he’s a straight-shooter and gets right to the point. After watching this eye-opening video, you will be presented with an opportunity to invest in Street Smart Profits:

>> Click Here to Watch the FREE Video Presentation Now! <<

By the way, I’m giving away my own revolutionary “JV Double-Down” program to anyone who buys Street Smart Profits through my link above. Just email your receipt to lee@listbuildingwithlee.com and I’ll hook you up immediately!

#2 – CopyPaste Traffic:

This course came onto the scene last year, and is the product of friends (and successful email marketers) Corey Lewis and Winter Valko.

This was really my introduction to the world of listbuilding, sales funnels, and JV partnerships. It’s a fantastic video course with all kinds of great bonuses, including a cool exit pop code, Corey’s and Winter’s most successful email swipes, a viable community of ad swappers and other JV partners, and all kinds of great training and resources.

Another very cool feature is that these guys provide you with free products to promote, as well as download pages that are loaded up with affiliate offers… and these offers are already branded with YOUR affiliate links!

They teach you exactly how to set everything up throughout the course materials.

I purchased this course directly through the Clickbank marketplace, and I believe I paid $47 for it… maybe $67. It was a year ago, so my recollection is a little fuzzy. In any event, you’ll be doing yourself a great favor by checking out the official CopyPaste Traffic website for details…


You won’t believe what I’ve found for you. Hell, I can hardly believe it! I actually just came across a WSO that Winter Valko is a part of, and this phenomenol email marketing course that I’ve listed as my #2 favorite list building training of all time… is included AS A FREE BONUS to the WSO! Yep, CopyPaste Traffic is Winter’s bonus contribution to the WSO. Awesome!

Now the WSO itself looks amazing, though I have not yet invested in it (I’m so busy reviewing other courses right now that I just don’t have time). It’s called “Membership Dynamite.” When I can, I’ll do a full review of this product, as I am ALL ABOUT creating residual income via membership sites.

But for now, I can strongly urge you to invest in this WSO just for the CopyPaste Traffic bonus alone. Remember, I invested in the course for $47 and actually earned my money back many times over as a result of following their blueprint and using their tools. As of the time of this writing, the WSO is selling for only 21 bucks and some change!

You just can’t beat that, my friend! I’d act fast on this one, if I were you:

>> Click Here to See This WSO Right Now! <<

CopyPaste Traffic

#3 – List Building Maniac:

The best WSO I’ve ever purchased on the Warrior Forum! (And I’ve bought a lot…)

Furthermore, List Building Maniac also easily gets my vote for the best internet marketing training you can buy for under 10 bucks. I know that these are pretty bold statements, but they’re absolutely true.

List Building Maniac is an awesomely detailed list building video course that contains information that most other courses aren’t teaching… like how to run your own mini JV giveaways events to put thousands of people on your list in a matter of weeks! (It’s easier than you may think).

You’ll also learn about different stages throughout the course of your relationship with the people on your list, including when to do ad swaps… and when to not even THINK about doing ad swaps! The exact process you’ll need to use to email only the most appropriate segments of your list are also covered.

In addition, the product creator, Travis Petelle, walks you through how to set up a killer autoresponder sequence that gets him unbelievable results in his own business. It’s quite ingenious, and I can say with confidence that this portion of the training alone is well worth the price of admission.

I won’t go into too much detail about this course on this particular page, because I’ve actually written a full review of this product, and certainly encourage you to go through that review when you’ve got a few minutes to do so.

>> Click Here to Read My Full Review Now! <<


>> Click Here to Visit the List Building Maniac WSO Now! <<


 #4 – Lightning Fast List Builder:

This is an outstanding resource wherein 4 of the world’s top email marketers are interviewed by a great list builder in his own right, Mr. Phil Ainsworth. Here are the list building masters being interviewed in this course:

1. Lee McIntyre (building a buyer’s list using his famous “JV Scalpel” method and building a gigantic army of super affiliates to promote for you)

2. John Cornetta (using social media, ninja viral list builders tactics, and a whole lot of aggressive marketing to build a massive, responsive list in record time)

3. Shane Purcell (ad swapping like a freak of nature for uncommon results… he got 8000 subscribers in his very first month alone!)

4. Dean Holland (showing you the ropes of the list building game, and sharing how he was able to become an email marketing superstar virtually overnight)

Additionally, this course comes with a plethora of great bonus videos, training resources, and surprise gifts that make it very well worth the tiny ($19.95) investment.

>> Click Here to Visit the Official Website Now! <<

Lightning Fast List Builder

#5 – Instant Internet Lifestyle

This is business wizard Lee McIntyre’s flagship training course. Now I could have actually put this particular course higher up on my list if it were a slightly different business model that I personally implemented and taught.

I go the freebie > squeeze page > opt-in > affiliate promo route, which is what I recommend that other newer list builders do, too. Mr. McIntyre’s course is more about creating a digital product and a back end, and then recruiting massive quality JV (affiliate partners) to promote your products by offering them incentives they can’t possibly refuse.

You then build a massive BUYERS list as a result, to whom you promote all your backend products for pure profit.

This course is definitely worth investing in. It’s only $19.95 and it contains over 10 hours worth of an incredible, high-energy event that the man conducted. I believe each person in attendance paid $447 to be there… and you get full access for under 20 bucks!

This is a real no-brainer, in my humble opinion:

>> Click Here to Visit the Official Website Now! <<

Instant Internet Lifestyle

Bonus From Lee Murray…

Again, if you decide to follow my advice and invest in any or all of these top-quality list building courses, I will give you a copy of my “JV Double-Down” system 100% FREE of charge! It’s currently selling for $17, and it’s a very exciting resource. In a nutshell, it shows you how you can use “click banking” and “integration marketing” to double… or even triple your list size with virtually the same amount of effort.

If you’d like to visit my “sales page” (it’s more of a free training in and of itself), then you can simply go to JVDoubleDown.com – but Do NOT buy it there! Build up your library starting with the amazing products listed above… and you can add my JV Double Down system to the mix for free.

Just email your receipt to lee@listbuildingwithlee.com and I’ll rush your FREE bonus copy to your inbox right away!

JV Double-Down

Recap of My Top 5 All-Time Favorite List Building Courses:

#1 – Street Smart Profits

#2 – CopyPaste Traffic (via Membership Dynamite WSO)

#3 – List Building Maniac

#4 – Lightning Fast List Builder

#5 – Instant Internet Lifestyle

I hope this has helped!

Until next time,

Lee Murray

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