Lee’s Top 12 Internet Marketers

I’ve been inspired, my friend. I owe so much of my current success to the good folks who succeeded before me, and who still continue to succeed today (a testament to true longevity in IM). I would like to honor them in this blog post.

These are the folks who shaped me. Not only have these wonderful IM’ers shown me the ropes of the biz… in all aspects, including SEO… but they’ve also shown me how to behave. How to treat others. How to be ethical and kind, and not just look to cash in every chance you get.

The people I’m about to list for you deserve their success… and they deserve our respect as the up-and-coming IM superstars that we are! As such, I would like to introduce you to the dozen Internet marketers who have had the biggest impact on my career, as well as my life.

This is, indeed a countdown from 12 to 1, but ALL of these people are great, and I would highly encourage you to learn something from each of them. And with that, let’s begin!

Lee Murray’s Top 12 Internet Marketers:

#12 – Ron Douglas

Ron is internationally known for his “Recipe Secrets” copycat restaurant recipes cookbooks. In fact, he has been invited to cook on news programs and shows like the Wendy Williams Show.

What most folks don’t know is how Ron actually built a mega list well into the 300,000 subscriber range. And many people also don’t realize that Ron is a list building coach who is very much entrenched in the world of Internet marketing.

I really admire Ron because he is such a cool, down-to-Earth cat… but his voodoo is so incredibly powerful. If you want to know how to minimize your unsubscribe rates, monetize your emails, sell solo ads for top dollar, and use super ninja spy tactics to get the most out of your campaigns, Ron Douglas is your man.

His “Piggyback Method” is one of the hottest things going in the list building world. I just can’t believe the stuff this man teaches… and just how stinkin’ pleasant he is to learn from. He’ll teach you things that you didn’t even know you didn’t know! πŸ˜‰

If you’d like to see Ron Douglas in action, then watch this very cool video that he did with Mike Cowles. These guys have a great conversation together. It truly is a meeting of the masters that you should seriously consider treating yourself to. Enjoy!


#11 – Ryan Moran

When I first started in IM, Ryan was my guy! He taught me that there’s more than one way to skin a cat in this business. He introduced me to a number of different disciplines, such as eBay “power-selling,” drop-shipping, free blogging, and website flipping.

The guy became a mega online success from his college dorm room! That showed me just how possible it really is to succeed from virtually anywhere in this business. His youthful passion really got me excited to dive into IM head first, and I am very grateful for the lessons I received from Ryan.

He introduced me to the world of IM forums, including Wealthy Affiliate University and the Rich Jerk forum… yes, back in the day! He also showed me how to run an effective review site. I owe a lot of my success to this young fella. πŸ™‚

#10 – Kelly Felix

Speaking of the Rich Jerk… here’s that crazy sombitch in the flesh! πŸ˜‰

This guy is incredibly awesome! Talk about your rags to riches – and then back again… and then back again – story!

To me, Kelly personifies a refusal to quit. I’ve never met the guy personally, but he always seems to have this super-chill, “I’m going to make extraordinary things happen, so why even worry about it?” demeanor. He’s actually a lot of fun to watch and study… and even role model!

He made MILLIONS behind the scenes with the Rich Jerk. But he came under attack as “unethical” and “gimmicky.” Now I’m not really in the know about how everything unfolded for Kelly as a result. But the Rich Jerk program was actually VERY helpful to folks, including me! I used to wear my Rich Jerk “I’m Better Than You” t-shirt religiously!

But for whatever reason, his product fell out of favor. Perhaps it simply ran its course. I don’t know.

What I do know, however, is how Kelly responded. He returned to the public eye (for the first time as himself, actually!), and created a product that was not only incredibly popular, but also well-respected by even the most finicky of IM course watch-dogs.

Listen, when the great Tiffany Dow gives your course a hearty thumbs-up, you know you’re doing something right! πŸ˜‰

The course is called “Bring the Fresh,” which you can check out by clicking here.

I admire Kelly for his demeanor, his smarts, and his willingness to share incredibly ninja strategies with the masses. The stuff he does works incredibly well, and his philosophies keep him well ahead of the pack. A class act, this Rich Jerk actually is!

#9 – Rob Stafford

Rob is not an uber-famous IM guru… yet. But the man makes money. He cares about his customers. And he is quick to lend a helping hand.

I started out writing articles for Rob, and he was always very easy to work with. But the second I “gave him the bad news,” letting him know that providing services was not how I really wanted to make my money online, instead of Rob getting offended and saying something akin to “Fine then! I guess I’ll have to get myself a different writer!” here’s what Rob did:

Without me asking. Without me hinting… Rob Stafford began to coach me. I’m getting a little choked up even sharing this with you.

He said “Look, mate. What you’ve gotta do is build a buyers list as quickly as possible. Run low-cost WSO’s on a dime sale and get affiliates to promote for you. That’s all you gotta do, mate.” And then he proceeded to walk me through the process.

Guess how I’ve succeeded online. Just guess.

This is one of the kindest, most caring and helpful people you will find on the entire Internet. I love the man like a brother, even though we’ve never been face-to-face or anything. He saved my IM career, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

Oh, and his products are pretty stinkin’ good, too! πŸ˜‰

Take a look at his List Smasher X list building video course when you get a chance. I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

#8 – Jennifer Ledbetter (AKA “Pot Pie Girl”)

If any Internet marketer could deservedly be called “The People’s Champion,” it’s PotPie Girl. Why? Because she’s been in the trenches. She learned how to make it from nothing. And she never spent a dime to do it! Then, she taught the world how to make money online for FREE!

Jennifer’s course, “One Week Marketing” was an absolute game-changer for me. She truly demonstrated how anyone in the world, from any walk of life could make a serious full-time income online with nothing more than a kick-ass work ethic and an Internet connection.

To this day, I still make money from completely free webpages that I set up literally YEARS ago (like over 4 years, no joke), that I haven’t touched… all following Jennifer’s strategies. That is some serious longevity, my friend! And it didn’t cost me anything to set up!

But I think what I’ve learned from PotPie Girl more than anything is that it’s okay to admit you’re scared… or that you don’t have the answers… or that you lack all sorts of technical skills. If you’re willing to follow a simple plan, and utilize the resources you have at your disposal – even completely FREE ones – you can not only make a full-time income online… but you can actually set up a massive autopilot income for yourself within a year… and never pay a dime to do it!

And her stuff actually WORKS! Ah, I love her guts. And if you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing her in action, go ahead and watch this video to learn about her newly renovated One Week Marketing course, as well as to check out her charming personality. She’s sick, yo!

#7 – Travis Petelle

Dude, this guy is a seriously high-octane bad-ass! He releases hit products more frequently than Rihanna releases hit songs! And he’s really, really smart.

This cat doesn’t fluff up his products with a bunch of useless or rehashed garbage. He provides value from start to finish, top to bottom. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, then you certainly know that “List Building Maniac” is one of my favorite IM products of all-time.

Well guess who’s responsible for that little masterpiece… I won’t say his name, but I’ll give you his initials… Travis Petelle. Doh!

I’ve learned so much from Travis. Among the most profound lessons I’ve learned from him are:

  • How to segment your Aweber lists so that you’re not broadcasting folks in your early autoresponder sequence
  • What an effective autoresponder sequence actually looks like
  • Why hosting JV giveaway events is not only smart to do… but stupid not to!
  • How to give of yourself and charge a premium… but still automate when necessary
  • So much more!

Yeah, I know that just read like a sales letter. My bad.

But this guy is a fantastic mentor. I ask him a simple question on the Warrior Forum and get a freakin’ dissertation in response. But it’s an awesomely helpful dissertation! πŸ˜‰

This is a beautiful marketer. A beautiful human being. And if you haven’t yet made friends with Travis Petelle, I can only assume it’s because you’re an asshole! (Joking… Only joking… Please don’t unsubscribe! We’re all friends here. :))

Seriously, if I could describe Travis in one word, that word would be “quality.” Buy one of his products… I won’t offer you an affiliate link for a second… Just look the man up and know that you’re about to learn something profound from him!

You’re welcome. (hehe)

#6 – Mike Cowles


As a regular reader of my blog, a subscriber to my list, or even a “Sales Funnel Supreme” or “Trifecta” customer, you probably woulda thunk that this gent was #1. Listen, on many levels he is!

I just happen to have an INSANELY elite list, okay? And Mike Cowles is certainly an honored and respected member of said list. Now if I were to meet Mr. Cowles at a conference and have the opportunity to speak with him and pick his brain, would I faint? Yes.


I would.

But I digress…

This gent lives in my online psyche 24/7. His philosophies are grand. His strategies are almost legendary. But what this fine man has taught me more than anything is this…

Your affiliates rule the day. Your affiliates rule the day!

A simple message, but so profound that I can’t begin to explain how awesome it really is. Dude, this is what mega OFFLINE successes do everyday. And they’re rewarded for it handsomely. Not just in monetary terms… but for the good of the community… and for the good of humankind.

Gathering an army of affiliates to promote your quality information is akin to one of the most noble 2-word mantras you’ve ever heard; on CNN… CSPAN… virtually any place where the state of our world is discussed. And here is that 2-word mantra…


Mike Cowles shows you how to create jobs online! But he doesn’t tell you how to do it. He shows you. Go to Mikes Affiliates Dot Com to see what I’m talking about. Dude is his own Clickbank! In fact, his program is called “Simple One Click,” and is definitely something you may wish to consider looking into.

Beyond what Mr. Cowles teaches is what he actually offers. My “White Hot List” squeeze page, which now converts at over 65%, is something that I can almost exclusively attribute to Mike Cowles. The “Super Sign Up System” I promote within my own products exist because of Mike Cowles. This man is the 2nd hardest-working Internet marketer I’ve ever seen, only behind my #1 rated marketer!

This guy deserves all the success he’s achieved. You should stop by and say hello to him if you ever get that chance.

My favorite product from Mike is 21 Email Secrets, which you are certainly encouraged to take a look at! πŸ˜‰

#5 – John Cornetta

John Cornetta built an email list of over 320,000 subscribers in under 14 months.

Do I need to repeat that?

John Cornetta built an email list of over 320,000 subscribers in under 14 months.

Can I ask you a question? What did you accomplish over the course of 14 months?

What did Lee Murray accomplish? Nothing. Compared to building a list of three hundred and twenty freaking thousand subscribers, I accomplished absolutely nothing.

Are you a “Street Smart Profits” member? If no, then why the crap not? It’s one of the greatest IM training programs ever assembled! Listen, you need to go to Street Smart Profits dot com and get this man’s training program!

It can change your life. Just watch his sales video. It’s funny as hell, but it’s totally real. This dude is from the streets. And this course is just straight-up awesome! πŸ˜‰

#4 – Lee McIntyre

We just stepped into the major leagues. Are you excited?

Hey, make believe with me, okay? Make believe that you just earned $10,000 in a single month. What the crap would you do with ten thousand dollars that you made online… relatively easily? Wouldn’t that be absolutely astounding?

I think so. I don’t make $10,000 a month online! Not yet, anyway.

The gentleman we just talked about… John Cornetta. List of over 320,000 subscribers. This cat pitches a fit if he earns less than $1,200 per day… or roughly $40,000 per month! Let me ask you this… What would your life look like if you were bringing in 40 thousand dollars per month? Insane, right? The possibilities would be virtually endless.

Enter: Lee McIntyre.

Upbeat, education-focused chap from the UK. Nice guy. REALLY nice guy.

Raise your hand if you’d like to know how much moolah this cat pulls in on a monthly basis. Come on, don’t be shy… raise your hand! Alright, I’m being silly again. Chalk that one up to my parents being right about me. πŸ˜‰ But I digress…

Last I heard, Lee McIntyre was bringing in somewhere in the vicinity of $150,000 each and every single month! Yeah, I know. Crazy town. Wacky beans. No way.

Way, tough guy.

Listen, if you want to see a multi-millionaire former school teacher (this is someone who’s got the skills and education to actually stand up in front of people and TEACH stuff… how many more advantages do you need!) show you how he got to where he is today, then you need to pick up this DVD… It’s totally free with the exception of a small shipping and handling charge.

But what’s contained on this DVD is absolute gold. You can make yourself a fortune following just what’s on this DVD and nothing else!

>> Click Here to Claim Your FREE DVD Now! <<

Look, you don’t have to order his free DVD, but please at least click that link and watch his video. You will immediately see what a super nice guy he is, and how he just has a teaching and communication style that most other marketers simply cannot touch.

#3 – Travis Sago

The words “Get a job, you dirty bum” do not apply to this guy. Why? Because according to the father of “Bum Marketing,” you don’t need a job.

And if that didn’t just spell it out for you, yes, Travis Sago is the father of bum marketing! He is a man among boys. He has shown even the poorest among us the path to financial enlightenment… and it has made a lot of good, hardworking folks a TON of money online.

But Travis is so much more than just the father of this – perhaps the most famous all-time – movement in the world of Internet marketing. No, this cat is also a world-renowned relationship expert!

What I really learned from Travis Sago was how to establish yourself in niches outside of IM, and then look within IM to recruit (and thoroughly train) affiliates for your non-marketing-related venture. This guy is an absolute genius when it comes to this.

But his genius doesn’t stop there. He also knows how to pick markets that are most feverishly ready to buy… and he knows how to market to them in such a way that brings their “feverishness” directly to the forefront, credit cards in hand, just begging to make a purchase.

What a smart, smart fella. And he’s got some of the most personal, manic, wacky, and effective emails you will ever read. I’ve been on Travis’ email list for over 4 years now, and I still look forward to receiving his emails! They’re just SO much fun to read!

I cannot say enough about this man. He’s my 3rd most influential Internet marketer on the planet for good reason. If you don’t know who Travis Sago is, then you’ve got some serious Googling to do, homie!

#2 – Mike Long

You show me a better communicator in the world of Internet marketing, and I will show you a mirror reflecting the image of someone who is absolutely full of shit! πŸ˜‰

This man is as eloquent as he is competent, and considering the fact that he is co-founder of “Bring the Fresh” (perhaps the most powerful SEO-based IM course of all-time), that’s saying an awful lot.

But Mike isn’t just a great creator of videos and e-books. He’s not just a key player in the some of the largest IM product launches in Internet history. He’s not just a world-class EMD marketer and world-champion “Magic: The Gathering” player… he’s also a dear old friend of mine. But this is what’s weird…

We both found success in IM independent of one another. You see, Mike and I were buddies back in middle school when I lived in Virginia. We stayed the night at each other’s homes, had classes together, and even played on the same football team together (a 12-player “iron man” team with a head coach who was unbelievably unstable, emotionally and psychologically!)

But they were good times. Mike showed me the wonders of Def Leppard, and I introduced him to a little band called Metallica. He was very keen to show me his incredible computer games (incredible for being circa 1989, anyway ;=)

Never would I have guessed that someday we would both be teaching people how to earn respectable livings online – him with mostly SEO and me with mostly list building – at opposite ends of the country.

>> Click Here to See Mike’s Newest Product, OMG Machines! <<

Bottom line, Mike Long is a freak of nature. He’s simply put, a beautiful human being. He’s super elegant. Amazingly well-spoken. His intentions are pure, and his Kung-Fu is crazy strong.

Really, what else could you ask for?

And Then There Was One…

The folks I’ve introduced (or re-introduced) you to today are all the absolute bee’s knees. They’re the best of the best. These are truly the folks you want to be emulating.

In fact, invest in their programs. Learn the skills and techniques that enable them to earn their online fortunes. Why the crap wouldn’t you?

But perhaps more importantly, watch them. Get on their email lists and watch how they treat their subscribers. These marketers are some of the best of the best on the entire planet. Let them lead by example!

And please, be smart enough to pick up what they’re laying down.

Guess what.

We still have one marketer to go.

Make no mistake, this really is the greatest IM’er on the planet. In fact, I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of the other online entrepreneurs who have made this list would put this marketer somewhere in their own top 10… likely in their top 5… and quite possibly #1 themselves.

So with all the great individuals we’ve covered on this remarkable list of extraordinary marketers, what does it take to make #1? Hmmm… let’s see:

* A strong moral compass
* Great personal success
* A giant following of raving fans
* A work-ethic for the damn ages
* Helpfulness that exceeds all others
* An incredible sense of fairness and justice
* Unwavering integrity
* Talent
* Intelligence
* Great communication skills
* A chihuahua named “Honey”

#1 – Tiffany Dow

There’s only so much crap a person can take. Online, we are constantly bombarded by complete and utter hype. The reason most of us turn to product reviews is because we want to know what’s really at stake for us. Are we about to waste our last few bucks on a total dud… or are we about to invest our cash in something profound?

Tiffany Dow is like the damn “consumer watchdog” of IM products. And she always tells it like it is. She doesn’t let anyone pull the wool over her eyes. Even more importantly, she won’t let anyone pull the wool over her subscribers’ eyes!

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there… not even close.

Not only does Tiffany call it like it is at every turn, but she also happens to be a top-notch, world-class marketer herself. Dude, I don’t even know where to start… that’s how awesome this chick is… I don’t even know where to begin praising her!

Okay, so she sells PLR content. And I mean she sells freaking TONS of PLR content! This is content that she has painstakingly written for folks like me and you. And her selection is absolutely bananas. Thousands of freaking articles, page after page of amazing content, book after book of power-packed knowledge.

As if that weren’t enough, she developed a major IM course, PLR ATM, which teaches other folks how to set up a highly successful, wildly profitable PLR business.

Then, she’s a ghostwriter. This is where she got her big start online. And she still does it today, although now she charges prices that are almost unheard of in the industry. Tiff is considered one of the greatest ghostwriters on the planet… if not the greatest. She has created products that have made many people a WHOLE LOT of money!

And if that weren’t enough, she actually developed a major IM course of her own, called Ghostwriting Cash, which shows folks like you and me how to set up an effective ghostwriting empire.

Next, she’s a high-ranking lensmaster over at Squidoo.com – She has created more lenses than I’ve created excuses not to do a lens. And most of them make decent money for her. Combined, they make great money for her! She also has several niche websites on which she promotes various physical products through the Amazon network.

And if that weren’t enough, she has actually created more than one course teaching folks how to get the most out Squidoo and Amazon… including how to construct Squidoo lenses, incorporate your own blog, and optimize your entire campaign to receive the greatest profits possible.

Is that it?


Tiffany is also an unrelenting product creator. She writes some of the best IM e-books available today. They are thoughtful, well-written, and designed with her target audience in mind. She’s one of the most ethical marketers online, if not THE most ethical! And all of her material just gleams with unmatched value and quality.

And forgive me for sounding like a broken record here, but if that weren’t enough, Tiffany has created a course teaching you how to create your own products, and how to profit from them like an absolute champion.

Tiffany’s work ethic is extraordinary, and her honesty is legendary.

She is by far the top Internet marketer in the world today, not necessarily in terms of dollars earned, but definitely in terms of maintaining the highest possible level of quality, dignity, integrity, branding, and all-out helpfulness.

Get on her email list. Shoot her an email. Watch how long it takes for her to reply. It’s almost scary fast! And that’s a very, very good thing.


So these are my faves. I’ll bet at least one or two of them make your list as well. I would highly encourage you to go out and start researching each marketer on this list.

See what they’re selling, how they’re selling it, how they treat their lists, and so forth. I bet you will agree with me that these are some of the most extraordinary online entrepreneurs you’re likely to find anywhere.

I sure hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave me a comment below and tell me what you think about my list. Did I leave anyone out… or include someone who you don’t think should have been included (don’t be a dick about it… thanks) for some reason?

I’d really love to hear from you. Comment below…

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