How to Write AMAZING Promo Emails…

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Lots of my students get caught up in their professed inability to craft compelling emails. And usually, after smacking them around a bit and calling them truly awful names, I sober up and give them some of the best advice a fella could give…

“Do what turns you on,” I tell those rotten brats. “Do what makes you act.”

What this advice is really saying is to become a student of email marketing. Watch master email marketers like a hawk. Do any of them garner your ongoing respect? Is there anyone whose emails you always open, read, and click the links within?

Well, what the heck do they do that elicits this type of response in you? Think about it. I mean really, really freakin’ think about it.

Analyze the best marketers’ work. But more importantly, model your work after theirs. Emulate your favorite email marketers. Isn’t that what makes great people great? Kobe emulated Michael. JT emulated the other Michael. Trump emulated Ross. Robbins emulated Rohn. And on and on.

You want to be a great email marketer? Then emulate great email marketers. It’s as simple as that.

All the theory in the world means precisely dick. You need to WATCH what top marketers are actually DOING. And nowhere is this as obvious as it is in your damn inbox! Again, if you’ve ever bought anything based on a marketer’s email, then you need to break that email apart. Study it. What was it about that email that made you not only open the email and click the link inside, but actually pull out your credit card and make a bloody purchase?

These are the questions you really need to be asking… and answering.

Now with all this having been said, I am more than willing to share with you my own brand of highly successful email marketing. Hopefully, I can help to speed up the process of putting you on the right track.

How to Write AMAZING Promo Emails…

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