How to Load Your Autoresponder With Content

Ready to really get your email marketing business underway? Perfect!

The first thing you’re really going to want to do is load up your autoresponder with good content… or to at least point your readers to good content automatically. And if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time now, you’ll know that I have become a raving fan of integrating blogging and email marketing.

So here’s what I do, and you’re welcome to follow in my footsteps if this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing yourself…

Loading Your Autoresponder With Content:

First, I blog. I will write a blog post on my niche topic, which in this case is list building. Then, I will create an autoresponder message that warms my reader up to that blog post, and then asks them to click through to read the blog post. Simple, right?

Then, I blog again. In a day or two (or whenever I’m able and willing to create another blog post), I do so. Then, I create an autoresponder message that warms my reader up to that particular post. I then set that email to go out ONE DAY after the last.

Then, I do this 28 more times, until I’ve got 30 blog posts and 30 daily emails loaded into my autoresponder.

Now I do send purely promotional emails that link to affiliate programs, but I ONLY send these sporadically, and only if the offer is highly relevant and can greatly benefit my readers. Otherwise, I just keep the content flowing, doing my best to provide valuable information that helps both my blog visitors and email subscribers.

So How the Hell Do You Make Money, Lee?

A simple look at my blog should answer this question pretty clearly for you. I sell and promote useful products on my sidebars, and occasionally right within my blog posts. This works very well. And by doing this, I think you’ll find that your conversions will go through the roof because it will become obvious to your readers that you’re ethical, helpful, and not just trying to make a quick buck at their expense.

In other words, this is how you build a business!

And while it does take a bit of a time commitment to get everything set up, once you’ve got the ball rolling, it’s rolling on virtual autopilot. Of course, you can keep your blog and autoresponder sequence going indefinitely, if you so choose. But you don’t have to.

You can actually set up your Aweber account to just keep going through your 30 emails over and over again. In other words, the day after message #30 goes out, message #1 goes out, and the whole cycle repeats itself.

Of course, if you’re taking this approach, then you’ll definitely want to have your own product for sale, which will take prospects off your subscribers list and place them directly onto your ever-so-highly-coveted buyers list once they’ve purchased it.

Creating Your Own Products and Building a Buyers List:

This is where things really get exciting! As you continue to build up your blog and autoresponder combo, you’ll definitely be wise to start creating your own info product.


There are so many reasons. For starters, you can brand yourself and have far more control over your business. Also, you can recruit people from your email list to promote your product(s) as affiliates. But most importantly, you’ll be building your buyers list.

Buyers list?

Absolutely. Listen, having a list of subscribers is great. It gives you control over a virtual community with whom you can share your experiences, help to succeed, and receive feedback. This can be incredibly fulfilling in and of itself. Likewise, you can market affiliate offers to your list… some will buy, but most won’t. And that’s okay.

But when you’ve got your own product to sell, you can start segmenting your list. People with a propensity to pull out their credit card and invest in their online business will ALL be siphoned onto a separate list. Your buyers list. This list will provide you with FAR greater returns on your marketing efforts.

This will be the list you can expect to make the bulk of your income from, and you will treat them differently than you do your main email list. Sure, you can still send them to your best blog posts… but you may not want to put this list into an autoresponder sequence, at all.

This is something I learned from Mike Cowles, and I think it’s really smart. With your buyers list, you’ll want to send out mostly broadcasts. And you’ll want to keep your messages very timely. When you promote, don’t promote old products to your buyers list.

Product launches can yield you enormous paydays when you run them correctly. The best course to learn about running an effective product launch is John Thornhill’s Affiliate Promo Formula.

This guy shows you precisely how he’s consistently at the top of JV leaderboards on some of the biggest launches online. It’s really a science, and beyond the scope of what I can teach you myself, so you’ll be doing yourself a great service by investing in his course. (It’s cheap!)

Your Step by Step Process:

So here’s what you’ve learned today, and the exact action steps you need to take to put it all together and make it work for yourself…

1. Post to your blog. Welcome new readers and subscribers. Tell them what they can expect. How do you intend to help them? Are you going to teach them something? Share your own experiences as a beginning or intermediate marketer? Why should they listen to you?

2. Create your second follow-up email (the first one will have been the welcome email that sends your subscribers to the download page of your freebie). In this email, ask them if they had any trouble downloading or reading your freebie. Then, invite them to check out your blog. Give them a link to the post you just made.

3. The next day (or whenever you get around to it), create your next blog post. Share something of interest. Offer a tutorial, show them a video, share your feelings about IM, or provide an otherwise enjoyable reading experience. Get them liking your blog right away.

4. Create your third follow-up email linking to that blog post. Just warm them up by telling them a little bit about what they stand to gain by checking out your blog post. Keep it short and sweet. Get the click! This email should be set to go out one day from your last one.

5. Repeat the process of loading up your autoresponder and providing valuable content. If you want to sell or promote something, do it from within your blog. You’re welcome to direct link to an offer straight from an email, but please do this sparingly.

Also, one of the blog posts in your first week should be one asking for feedback from your readers and subscribers. Perhaps you can ask them what their biggest concerns or hangups are, where they’ve personally found success, and what they need help with. More directly, ask them what the heck they hope to get from being on your list and reading your blog.

You can either do this via an email, asking them to reply to the email with their correspondence, or simply do it in a blog post and ask them to leave a comment. Blog comments are always nice because it gives you more clout with the search engines, as well as with your readers.

Plus, it’s interactive, meaning that each commenter can see what other people have said. Starting up conversations on your blog is an excellent way to gain respect. So I would advise that you do this from inside your blog.

6. Create your own product. Promote it heavily on your blog (but only occasionally within your emails). Every time someone purchases it, they will be taken off your subscribers list and placed automatically on your buyers list. I will show you how to do this in a future blog post, if you don’t already know.

7. Provide only fresh, cutting-edge content to your buyers list. Do not email them daily, unless a big, relevant product launch is around the corner, in which case you’ll want to follow the strategies laid out in John Thornhill’s Affiliate Promo Formula course.


Well, now we’re getting somewhere! This is where you actually start getting content up and online, both in the form of blog posts and email messages. Of course, setting up a winning sales funnel and getting your autoresponder loaded up is nice, but it’s not going to earn you one red cent if nobody’s receiving emails from you or visiting your blog.

Within the next few days, we’re going to get into the traffic portion of all this stuff. This is where you open up the doors to your business and let floods of hungry customers come swarming in for a taste.

And I’ve got some REALLY powerful traffic generation strategies to share with you, so please make sure you’re keeping your eyes peeled for that lesson!

As always, please leave a comment below to share your feelings on this post. Ask questions if you’ve got any. This is the only way to learn and grow as an online business owner… so please don’t be shy!

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