How to Get Ridiculous Amounts of Traffic to Your Squeeze Page

I’ve decided to spare you any sort of poetic setup. If you’ve been following the steps I’ve been laying out for you, then you know what comes next. Traffic. And traffic ain’t poetic, my friend. It’s just traffic.

Here’s how to get it…

FREE Methods of Insane Traffic Generation:

  • Article marketing (if you’re flat broke and have more time than money) – Be sure to write 15.4 million articles to succeed with this method. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration. But by all means, if you don’t have any money, then spend 12 hours a day writing articles and submitting them to all the top article directories (,,,, etc.) and web 2.0 sites (Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, Weebly,, etc.)

  • Video marketing (superior to standard article marketing, because your competition is much weaker)… Create videos using your own camera or many of the free video creation services available… Just Google “free video creation software” or something similar. You’ll find what you need. Submit your videos to all the top video sharing sites, but especially YouTube, which is now the #2 search engine on the planet!

  • E-book distribution. There are dozens of great places for you to submit a free e-book. Obviously, you’ll only want to submit e-books that you have personally created. But the process is quite easy. You simply need to write a short report (8-15 pages is fine) on one particular topic. In IM, for example, you could create a short ebook on how to increase sales page conversions, or whatever. Then, you’d head over to and have an e-book cover created for you.

    Search Google for free e-book submission sites. And upload to your heart’s content! Make sure your e-books include plenty of links pointing back to your squeeze page.

  • Blog commenting. Many folks like to tout this particular approach as a great way to build backlinks. Meh. Whatever. Where blog commenting can really shine is via direct traffic. Don’t use spammy, keyword-focused anchor text when posting. Just enter your name where it asks you to and link it to your squeeze page (when it asks for your website address). Don’t sell your offer in the comment. Leave a legitimate comment showing that you’re engaged in the content. We’re not gaming any system here. We’re being genuine, and that always wins in the end.

  • Guest blogging. This is a tremendous way to get a ton of exposure. This method is just like the first “article marketing” method listed above, with one major exception. Instead of dumping all your content on article directories, you will actually be building up a list of blog owners in your niche who are on the hunt for content. You simply allow them to post your article to their blog. You include a link (or two) to your squeeze page in the article and distribute this article to every blog owner on your list. What you’re looking for are blogs with TONS of pre-existing traffic.

  • Ad Swaps. This is an incredible way to generate swarms of potential leads to your squeeze page. That said, you will already need to have a pretty decent-sized list. So in that sense, this isn’t a completely free method. But many folks have used this as their primary source of traffic. In fact, many five-figure email lists were built, in large part, on this method. Essentially, you get together with a group of other list owners and agree to mail your list on their behalf in exchange for them doing the same for you. Each of you send traffic to the other’s squeeze page. As your list grows, you start doing this with people whose lists are bigger. And on and on…

Each of these free traffic generation methods has its own set of pros and cons. Some take a really long time and tons of work to be effective (especially standard article marketing), others can work very quickly but require a good bit of skill and knowledge to be effective (e-book submissions and video submissions), and others can be unbelievably fast and effective, but require a pre-existing asset (ad swaps).

In any case, these are a few of my favorite ways to generate free traffic back to my squeeze page. Of the six of these, I most like e-book submissions. I like them because I can really brand myself. I charge money for some of my e-books, and give others away for free. It’s up to you how you’d like to attack it. Then, several times throughout the e-book, I drop a link to my squeeze page, telling them that if they like the report they’re reading now, just wait until they get their hands on my main FREE product (in my case, that’s “The White Hot List.”)

It builds trust and authority. Also, they’re already warmed up to you and your writing style. You really can’t go wrong with this approach. In fact, you can even take it a step further if you’ve got a few bucks to spare. How? Put these up on the Warrior Forum as free WSO’s and/or War Room gifts! This can have you siphoning giant swarms of fresh leads into your sales funnel every single day… with virtually zero extra effort on your part. Again, this is an outstanding way to go if brand-building is important to you.

A Quick Word About Ad Swaps…

If you do decide to go the route of ad swapping with other marketers, I would definitely encourage you to think about something. This is NOT a great traffic generation strategy for product owners or those looking to brand themselves. It is more a strategy for “turn and burn” marketers. The reason I say this is that you’ll be getting a fair amount of unsubscribes, as your readers will get sick of being passed around to all these other marketers’ offers. Likewise, you’ll be diluting the pot a little bit. The more lists your subscribers are on, the less you will stand out.

Take these as warnings. But if you’re just looking to make money as an affiliate, then this could be a great strategy for you. Just don’t send any ad swap emails to the folks who are within the first 10 days or so of your autoresponder sequence. You’ll want to be marketing offers to those folks, and you don’t want them unsubscribing before they’ve had an opportunity to buy from you. Does this make sense?

If you’re interested in implementing this type of traffic generation, I’d definitely encourage you to pick up a copy of my “JV Double-Down” guide. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that I’d be happy to share with you. These tricks will dramatically cut down on your unsubscribes while helping you build your list at least twice as fast… very powerful stuff!

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Okay, so now we’re going to change our focus a bit. It’s time to take a look at the unbelievably powerful world of paid traffic, and how you can enjoy absolutely explosive list growth within a very short span of time.

Seriously, this is how you can take a list that’s growing at a rate of 50-100 fresh leads a day with free traffic methods and turn it into a list that’s growing at 300-500 or more new subscribers each and every day! That’s absolutely insane, but perfectly achievable with the right traffic, a great offer, and a high converting squeeze page!

There are basically only 3 kinds of paid traffic that I personally implement, and in my opinion, they’re all you really need to make a serious run at earning an incredible living online. Here they are…

PAID Methods of Insane Traffic Generation:

  • Solo Ads. Yeah, buddy! This is pretty much the creme de la creme of squeeze page traffic generation. The reason is, you’re targeting great leads very quickly without burning out your own list. This is essentially the same as an ad swap, except instead of a large list owner mailing out on your behalf in exchange for you doing the same, you just pay them to do it. In many cases, you can acquire leads for as little as 50 cents to a dollar each… and as you’ll be earning an average of $1 per month per subscriber, this is an absolutely fantastic rate of return.

    What makes it even better is that you can (and would be foolish not to) set up a great OTO (one time offer) that can enable you to instantly recoup some, if not all of your investment. Some people even set it up so well that they actually get paid to build their email lists! How cool is that?

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. While the main players have changed over the years, this still remains an incredibly viable way to drive some great traffic to your squeeze page. What do I mean the players have changed? Well, it used to be that Google, Yahoo, and MSN ruled the day. Today, a PPC marketer’s new best friend is Facebook. The clicks are cheaper, the rules less strict, and the quality of the traffic is arguably better.

    You may also want to look into and, two very well-respected PPC networks for you to consider.

    Now listen, PPC marketing is not for everyone. You can end up losing a lot of money. That said, if you really focus on boosting your squeeze page’s conversion rate, setting up a winning OTO that puts instant money right back into your Paypal account, and continue to be cautious – testing and tracking everything you do – then PPC combined with list building can make you a stinkin’ fortune very quickly!

  • Warrior Special Offers. At the very moment I’m writing this, there are 8719 people hanging out in the WSO section of the Warrior Forum. That’s a whole lot of people, my friend! And it’s like this 24 hours a day. All you need to do to get your FREE (or reasonably priced) e-book or other info product in front of these people is post a thread and pay the forum 40 bucks. That’s it!

    As other people post their WSO’s, yours will be pushed down. For this reason, most of your traffic will come toward the beginning of your listing. But check this out. Once your offer has hit page 3 (generally within the first 24 hours), you can just pay another $40 and have it bumped right back up to the top! And if you’ve got a good OTO in place, this really may be a self-funding cycle. The money you make from your OTO will pay for your next bump, which will get traffic to your OTO, which will pay for your next bump, which will get traffic to… and you’ll be building your list very quickly in the process!

    Whenever I bump my “The White Hot List” WSO, I can expect to put 100-150 (sometimes more) fresh leads on my list. That’s some serious lead generation for only $40! I know of guys who are paying $3 per acquisition (which is still well-worth it for them)… but in this scenario, you can pay as little as 27 cents per opt-in! Maybe even less. And you can run as many WSO’s as you want! Just create free products that will sincerely help folks and you could be bumping threads, recouping investments, and building a massive list all day long. You can make a living with just this one strategy alone!

Squeeze Page Traffic – Conclusion:

There are other great traffic generation strategies, both free and paid. But I have to tell you, the ones listed above are more than enough for you to focus on. I’ve purchased courses in the past that give you 20 or 30 different strategies, which always led me to “analysis paralysis,” where I didn’t take ANY action because there were just too many choices to choose from.

I would encourage you to read this blog post again, and pick one or two strategies above. Focus only on those that speak to your interests, skill set, and current situation.

I’ve got a very special treat for you tomorrow, so please be sure to keep your eyes open!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have… or just leave a comment… below.

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