Have YOU Had This Nightmare? You Likey This Music Video? What In the Flying Doge?

Welcome back to my stinkin’ blog. It’s been too long. I’ll try to remedy that in the future. I’ve just been SO ridiculously busy as of late.

Anyway, thanks for being here. I got some stuff I’d like to share…

I Had a Nightmare Last Night

I woke up this morning slightly hungover… and totally disturbed.

I had a waiting tables dream. And this one was particularly bad. It was extremely vivid.

The whole restaurant was filling up, I didn’t have the first clue about the menu, customers were disgustingly grumpy. I felt overwhelmed, out of control, and totally hated. My lack of competence sent me into a horrible panic. It’s still hard for me to shake the feeling.

I used to have dreams like this when I was actually still a waiter. And they still find their way into my brain once in a blue moon. At least this time, I could fully take solace in the fact that working in restaurants is no longer my reality.

But in a dream, all things are real. So actually had to work last night. Poor Lee, I know. Sweet relief to wake up, though. I’m so glad I’ve managed to make a life for myself on the World Wide Web. Super cool.

But I’m seriously curious… Do you ever have work-related nightmares? Please tell me either yes or no in the comments section below. I’d like to know that I’m not the only freak here. 😀

“Walk Off the Earth – Royals” Video:

Hey, you wanna watch a music video with me? We’re always yappin’ about work, work, work. I say we take a quick break and watch something neato mosquito for a quick sec. It’ll help me decompress and smile, anyway. I hope it does the same for you. 😉

Now obviously we’re all gonna have different musical tastes. I like all kinds of stuff, really. From the most relaxing ambient music to smooth jazz to country to pop to r&b to dance to hard freakin’ core death metal. I just like music that makes me feel.

This video is a cover of Lorde’s sweet-ass song “Royals,” performed by none other than Walk Off the Earth, the same band I’ve featured on this blog before. They did the cool Gotye “Somebody That I Used to Know” cover, where they all played on one guitar.

These guys have the coolest videos… so amazingly talented. But this one easily takes the cake. Just watch… and prepare to be AMAZED!

I know, right?

I’ll go ahead and give you a moment to come to terms with what just happened to you.

Alright, ready to move this puppy along?


So What’s All This Cryptocurrency Hype?

When I first heard about all this crypto bullcrap, that’s precisely what I thought it was. Sounded like a bunch of nerds sitting around playing Dungeons and Dragons or something. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’ve got plenty of nerdy friends who do just that.

But it’s never been my thing… which is how I initially felt about cryptocurrency. “A little too much fantasy for my realistic old self,” I’d say. But then…

I began to think of it as an investment… and maybe even something of a gamble. These things I like. So I bought in and gave it a shot.

Everyone’s been shootin’ their damn traps about Dogecoin, so I got myself 200,000 of those sombitches. That’s about $250 worth. It’s sorta been my intention to just hold it and let it grow long term. Hope that it goes the way of Bitcoin and just absolutely explodes in value.

But I can be somewhat impatient from time to time. So I pulled out ALL 200k of my Dogecoins and reinvested them in something called Mintcoin, which I got in on as soon as it launched. I bought in for 0.00000004 the price of a Bitcoin. That’s per Mintcoin. And I was able to get myself approximately 2.5 million of these things!

As of this writing, Mintcoin’s value is 0.00000016 the price of a Bitcoin. So I’ve literally quadrupled my money in a matter of a few days! That’s freakin’ insane. I may have gotten lucky. All I really did was follow the advice set forth in James Renouf’s Crypto Slinger.

In any event, I’m gonna hold onto my Mintcoin and really hope for some explosive growth that will set me and my kiddo free for life!

Make no mistake, I’m not planning on quitting IM to do this shit full time. But it sure is fun… and it could very well turn out to be a whole lot more than just fun. We’ll see.

Anyway, if this is something you’d like to try yourself, let me point you in the direction of some great education. These low-cost training programs will really set you up for success. If you can afford to invest in all four, you may really want to consider doing so.


1. James Renouf’s Crypto Mania – This is a good introduction into the world of cryptocurrency. You’ll learn what cryptocurrency is, why you may wish to pay attention to it, and which coins are some of the best. You’ll also learn how to get coins for free!

Click Here For Crypto Mania


2. James Renouf’s Crypto Slinger – This provides you with the right mindset, basic strategy, and free online tools to actually get into trading cryptocurrencies for crazy profits. Listen, I’m an idiot about this stuff… and if I can quadruple my investment in just a few days, the sky really is the limit for you. I believe that.

Click Here for Crypto Slinger


3. Jeremy Kennedy’s Decrypting Cryptsy – Hot off the presses as of this posting. Just released, this is actually a video walkthrough of the actual trading process. This builds on what you’ve learned in James Renouf’s trainings and actually lets you see this world in action. Very powerful!

Click Here for Decrypting Cryptsy


4. Jack Sinclair’s Free Crypto Coin Empire – I actually just bought this one, and cannot speak to its effectiveness at this point, but it sure is a dynamite concept. You set up systems that pay you on a daily basis automatically. You get paid in Bitcoin, directly deposited into your Cryptsy account (to the best of my understanding)… and then you can begin trading for profit.

This supposedly runs on total autopilot, and you can set up as many of these little systems as you want, leading to potentially hundreds a day in free money. Again, this is pretty much entire speculation on my part, as I have yet to implement. But that’s what the system seems to promise. I’ll keep you posted. 😉

Click Here for Free Crypto Coin Empire


Pick up as much of this training as you like. If you only get one, I recommend Jeremy Kennedy’s (#3)… but they all go hand in hand. The first three, anyway.

Again, I’m not recommending that you look at Cryptocurrencies as an alternative to Internet marketing. It’s more of a fun investment opportunity. I started getting all my time sucked into it and had to dial it back big time to get my butt back to actual work.

PLEASE don’t let this consume you. It’s just a cool place in which to put some of your IM profits, in my opinion.

Comment, You Nutty Little Slice Of Heaven…

I really want to hear from you. I’d like to know about any work-related nightmares you’ve had, if any. What did you think of that video? What’s your take on cryptocurrency… just a passing fad? Or something potentially life-changing?

Leave your comment below. And I thank you in advance!

Peace out, girl scout.


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