Grimes Oblivion Video and a Friendly Reminder for My Peeps!

I stumbled upon this song and video a few days ago and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. I won’t build it up, but to say that I wouldn’t normally consider a song that’s so “trance-like” to be showcase-worthy. But there’s just something about it that compels me to share it anyway.

I like the concept of the video, the production value of the song, and this girl’s “cute” voice and demeanor. Her name is Grimes. She’s a 25-year-old Canadian with incredibly diverse musical tastes and a knack for turning the potentially drab into the memorable.

I’ll share the video with you now. I hope you get some entertainment value from it. It’s probably different from most things you’ve seen. I dig it ’cause it’s quirky. Then, we’ll talk shop. Cool?

Grimes “Oblivion” Video:

You likey? Let me know in the comments below!

Okay, so as some of you may know I ran my most haphazard product launch to date this last Saturday (June 1) and the response has been extraordinary. I’d like to thank everyone who invested in “Down and Dirty List Building.”

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What Is Down and Dirty List Building?

It’s the ultimate email marketing and list building shortcut system. In it, I show you a cool way to get subscribers onto your list without having a freebie product, thank you page, download page, or your own autoresponder content.

I show you how to find Clickbank products to promote as both your opt-in bait AND your initial form of monetization. What’s cool about this is that you can start bringing in $25, $50, or even $100 commissions right out of the gate, and in a wide variety of niches, not just IM.

In fact, most of us who build our lists in the IM niche end up “limping in” with paltry little $5 or $10 OTO’s, hoping we’ll get a few people to bite so that we can reduce our advertising costs. But if you find a rabid niche in, say the foreign language market for example, then you can pocket (arbitrary number comin’ your way) $45 per sale!

A few of those sales can offset your advertising costs completely, if not put you into profit from the very beginning.

But Down and Dirty List Building doesn’t just focus on paid traffic. I show you a very cool way to cash in with things like forums and YouTube videos, using a very cool type of keyword research I learned about two years ago, that works like absolute gangbusters. No backlinking required!

Mind you, much of the traffic strategies I cover in this course are totally free. Now what happens when you make a couple $45 sales on a daily basis? For most of us, we quit our day jobs… that’s what!

Anyway, it’s obviously not my style to over-hype a product, even if it is my own. Otherwise, you would have already received countless emails from me promoting it. But I don’t do that. This book isn’t for everyone.

For example, if your primary residence is a wax museum, this product is NOT for you.

Just effin’ witcha! 😉

  • If branding is important to you, this book isn’t for you.
  • If you want to create your own products, this book isn’t for you.
  • If you want absolute control over your sales funnel, this book isn’t for you.

This is for you if you:

  • Don’t have much time to set up a sales funnel.
  • Don’t have the desire or patience to set up a sales funnel.
  • Like working in niches outside of IM/MMO.
  • Want to earn high commissions right out of the gate.
  • Want a done-for-you solution to list building and business.
  • Are lacking in technical proficiency.
  • Like free, simple traffic.
  • Would like to scale your business without working harder.

Alright, hype session’s over, yo!

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3 Coaching Spots Now Available!

“Lee is one of the savviest and most charismatic internet marketers I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and he carries that same energy into his one on one coaching. I actually find myself completely excited for each of our sessions.

The passion he teaches with cannot be denied and his methods are so stupidly simple you’ll wonder why the hell you hadn’t tried any of them before. He goes far above and beyond the call of duty as a coach because he truly cares about each of his students and their success.

Lee is so much more than just a simple coach. He is a mentor. He provides you with the tools and resources to succeed and then takes your first steps with you to be sure you’re comfortable with what you’ve learned.

I’ve learned 10x more in the past month working with Lee than I have in the last year on my own. There is no question I am going to continue working with Lee for months to come.”

-Angela Rivera (actual coaching client since March 2013)

I am now accepting 3 new students into my 1-on-1 coaching program. When you work with me, you work with me directly. We chat twice a week for a full hour and a stinkin’ half! You will join me on Skype, either via text chat or video (your choice), and we will get you from where you are now to where you want to be… fast!

I will assess your current skills and goals to help you formulate a game plan that works for you, giving you the best possible results in the least possible time. I recommend you become a product creator in the niche of your choosing (I will gladly help you choose your niche, if needed).

I will show you how to create a winning product, sales copy, and affiliate resources section. I will help you understand how to effectively attract an entire sales force of motivated affiliates, and how to get them to promote for you in ways that last… not just a quick mention in an email!

This is what the pros do to earn their fortunes. And I will hold your hand and help you to follow suit both quickly and elegantly.

My coaching clients and I have a kickass relationship! We laugh, joke, and occasionally even share in a beer or two together! The process is relaxed and casual, but the results are profound.

My normal rate for a full month of coaching is $997.

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