Gotye, Kimbra, and Walk Off the Earth – Somebody That I Used to Know

Can These 2 MUSIC VIDEOS Change Your Life?

I’m a musician by both passion and hopefully trade (c’mon, Internet Marketing… help me get there!)

I also consider myself to be somewhat cynical when it comes to most music, especially today’s crap. Sorry, but 85% (conservatively) of the music that has gone mainstream this entire freakin’ CENTURY has been utter garbage! If you disagree, it’s just because you’re okay with being wrong… ;=)

So when those rare diamonds in the rough (can anyone say “redundant?”) come along, you’ve really got to embrace them. Artists with genuine talent, vision, creativity, and all those little intangibles which add up to greatness; well, they should be applauded and admired… particularly in today’s climate.

Don’t you agree?

Lee, You’re Ranting Again… Give Me Some Bloody Content!

Holy crap, I didn’t realize you were British! I’m from Seattle, so I reckon we both fancy ourselves some fish n’ chips then. Brilliant. Anyhoo…

If you’ve not yet seen either of these videos, then please watch them both. If you HAVE seen either of them, then please watch them both. You’ll be thoroughly entertained and impressed… and then I’ll make my point.

(Hey, it’s not every day that an “Internet Marketing guy” asks you to just chill and watch some killer music vids, right?)

¬†Video #1 – Gotye and Kimbra “Somebody That I Used to Know”


Video #2 – Walk Off the Earth “Somebody That I Used to Know”

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By the way, these are not affiliate links. They actually have some pretty cool merchandise, including “Beard Guy” shirts and such. To be honest, I’m not all that familiar with this band yet, but I’m so impressed by this rendition of the Gotye track, if I can help them out in some small way, then cool.

Okay, so now for some damn Internet Marketing…

Gotye’s and Kimbra’s version of the song, which is the original version written by Gotye, has become immensely popular within a very short span of time. As of the time of me writing this blog post, this YouTube video has gotten very close to 110,000,000 (yes, that’s one hundred and ten million) views!

But in a not-too-distant second place, Walk Off the Earth’s cover of this song is sitting pretty at a more-than-respectable 71,000,000 + views! That’s 71 million views for a cover song… and the song they’re covering is a new song!

I’ve never heard of such a thing, have you?

Oh, Lee Lee Lee… Will You Get to Your Stinkin’ Point Already?

Yes, I will. And I apologize for the rant. Please understand that music is my first love… but IM is very close behind! Okay, so here’s my point…

You do NOT need to have all the ideas to be a wild success online! You don’t need to create something groundbreaking or revolutionary. You simply need to acquire a certain set of skills, master those skills, and then innovate… or even just copy the badasses out there who are already succeeding on a massive scale!

(Innovation is a plus, obviously… Walk Off the Earth apparently knows this.)

But the bottom line is that there is NO NEED to (I feel a cliche coming on) reinvent the wheel. In fact, sometimes you really need to just (cliche #2, anyone?) LET GO of the wheel and let somebody who’s better than you drive for a while.

That may not be the best analogy, actually, as you’ll still be doing all the work. But from a mental standpoint, you may find tremendous benefit in just following someone else’s lead… completely and without reservation.

So Who Should My “Gotye” Be Then, Smart Guy?

Ooh, that was a really well-crafted question. Nicely played, good friend! Well, the person you follow should most definitely NOT be me! I haven’t achieved anywhere near the level of success that would allow me to confidently be anyone’s “guru.” Not yet, anyway… we’ll get there, though!

But until then, the best advice I can offer is to simply find someone who resonates with you. You should follow somebody who’s not only exceptional at what they do (in this case, IM… or more specifically, list building and email marketing), but whom you actually like and respect as a human being.

For me, this person is Lee McIntyre, and I assure you, it’s not just because I like his name (Lee M.) a whole lot! Rather, it’s because this cat is freakin’ passionate as they come. And his passion is highly contagious! He sounds like the UK’s version of Tony Robbins when he speaks… literally! He even uses a lot of the same terminology as AR, and he does so VERY intelligently and skillfully.

In fact, you could say that Anthony Robbins is likely his “Gotye,” and he, in turn, is mine. Whatever. Maybe that analogy has died out already. But you get my point, right?


Today is my wife’s day off (2 of 2) and I’m 4 beers into a six-pack. She wants to watch “An American Haunting” (great movie – crappy ending) with me, so I’ll be going for now. But I’d like to leave you with this final thought:

You are NOT alone in this! Even if your ONLY community of IM “buddies” is exclusively virtual, and you don’t personally know of another marketer with whom you can seek counsel and bounce your ideas off of, there are plenty of us on the Internet, and that really should be good enough for now.

I realize that it doesn’t quite compare to having a flesh and blood human being in the room with you, but it is what it is.

And you can rest assured, we’re all REAL people in SIMILAR situations. Listen, and I mean this from my heart, if you need another marketer to chat with, you can ALWAYS email me at – I’ll be getting a new cell # too, which I will be posting in my “About Lee Murray” section, and you can totally call me once I’ve posted it!

Other exceptional resources include the Warrior Forum (free) and Wealthy Affiliate University (paid). Wealthy Affiliate will cost you $47 a month for a Gold membership and $97 a month for a Platinum membership. Simply visit their official site (link above) for all the details. They’ll take really good care of you.

Anyway, The Wife’s Giving Me “Looks”

Hey, let me share one last music video with you, cool? It’s Kimbra all by herself. I actually like this just as much (if not a little more) than the two vids I already shared with you. Please enjoy, LEAVE A COMMENT, and we’ll talk soon!

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