Do You NEED a Blog to Be a Successful Email Marketer?

What is your goal when it comes to building and marketing to your email list? The answer to this will determine whether or not you should incorporate a personal blog into your business efforts. For example:

  • Are you interested in the “turn and burn” model, where you drive hordes of people to your squeeze page, followed by daily promos for Clickbank products, WSO’s, and other affiliate products in an attempt to suck as much cash out of your subs as possible before they unsubscribe?
  • Are you an aspiring product creator and/or PLR guru looking to rebrand PLR content into your own products? If so, then your primary focus should be attracting new and returning customers, assembling a massive affiliate team, and building your buyers list.
  • Is branding important to you? Would you like to be the go-to guy or gal in your niche? Does the idea of building relationships and helping folks reach their objectives inspire and excite you?

So Which of These Are You?

If you’re a turn and burn type of marketer, you really don’t need your own blog. You can say what you need to say inside your emails, linking directly to the (hopefully) relevant “offer of the day” in an attempt to rake in some hearty commissions.

If you want to create lots of products, and promote big launches, etc… then you’d be wise to develop a working blog so that you’ve got your own hub. In this hub, you can promote your entire product line (provided it’s all within the same niche, of course… one blog per niche! ;=).

With your very own space on the web, you can share what’s on your mind. You can present your readers with stories of success, failure, and frustration. You can let your visitors come to know and trust you. And then once you have their trust, you can milk them for every cent they’re worth! Bwa-ah-ah! (Stupid beer.)

All Tom-Foolery aside, this is what offline entrepreneurs and service professionals have been doing for centuries. Except instead of blogs and websites, they’ve been doing it from retail shops and offices. And in most cases, before the visitor ever walks out the front door, the business person will politely invite them to “come back again,” even if no purchase was made. This is the secret to successful business, online or off.

7 Practical Reasons for Sending Your Subscribers to Your Blog Instead of An Offer:

  1. It will reduce your unsubscribes dramatically!
  2. You can presell the products you recommend!
  3. You’ll have a place to offer bonuses during product launches!
  4. You’ll gain tons of authority and trust with your subscribers!
  5. You can promote your own products all from one place!
  6. You’ll get “accidental SEO” traffic for increased sales and opt-ins!
  7. Even if you’re not promoting anything in your email or blog post, you can still run Adsense on your blog for extra revenue!

Jeez, why am I shouting?

The bottom line is that having a blog never hurts, it only helps. But setting up and maintaining a profitable blog is easier said than done. Luckily, there is no ONE RIGHT WAY to do it. Remember, this is YOUR business. You have no boss telling you what to do, how to do it (their way), when to do it, and how often to do it. It’s YOUR business.

That said, I’d be happy to offer you a few pointers that should help you along quite nicely. I’ve modeled these after a few of my personal favorite marketers, and I think they’re some truly stellar ideas. Here ya go!…

10 Things All Great Blogs Should Have:

  1. A photo and short description of you, linking to…
  2. An “About Me” page where you let your personality shine.
  3. An opt-in form… duh!
  4. Links to other websites you own.
  5. Links and/or banners to your own products.
  6. Tasteful links to affiliate products (1-3 max).
  7. Contact form, privacy policy, earnings disclosure, etc.
  8. A main product review page (3-5 of your favorite affiliate products in the niche).
  9. Individual review pages for each of these affiliate products.
  10. Social media buttons for people to spread the word!

We’ll be discussing these things in more detail throughout the coming days and weeks. In fact, I’m about to begin writing my new ebook about blogging (it will be written with the list builder in mind ;=), and I just may give the sucker away for FREE… if you’re nice to me, of course.

Well, I’d better be running for now. It’s GOT TO BE happy hour somewhere, right?

Hey, I hope this has really helped you gain a little better understanding of why having your own blog can really help you brand yourself, and make more money while you’re at it! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share below. I’ll do what I can to help.

I think my next post will be all about how to integrate your blog and autoresponder. It’s super easy, but definitely worth discussing!

Thanks for stopping by!

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