Crossing the Line Into Product Creation – Look At You, Guru!

I freaking love being a product creator!

Ah, the benefits are plentiful and significant. I’ll be touching on these in due time, but I would first like to start off this post by asking you a very simple question…

Boxers or briefs?

Oh, wait. Sorry, wrong question.

Do you like the idea of being in total control of your own business?

Yeah, me too. Okay more questions…

Does having an endless supply of affiliate products at your disposal give you full control? Nope.

Well what about a blog? Does having your own blog on your own domain and hosting give you full control? Huh-uh.

But clearly, and without question… having a large email list of quality subscribers will provide you with a lifetime of total control, yes? Hardly.

While all these things – especially that last one – are extremely nice assets to have, they still don’t give you total control of your business.

You wanna know what does give you total control? A solid reputation and a quality product line.

Crossing the Line Into Product Creation:

Prior to releasing my book Sales Funnel Supreme, I was doing pretty well with my email marketing. By pretty well, I mean that I could have sent out a broadcast email to my freebie list (those who opted in to receive “The White Hot List”) and expected to pull in anywhere between 25 and 45 dollars. For 5 minutes worth of work, this wasn’t half bad.

I could pay for my beer and take care of my power bill and Internet bill each month. On occasion, I could take my family out for a nice meal using this income.

After releasing my book Sales Funnel Supreme, I am doing damn well with my email marketing. By damn well, I mean that I will never, ever work another job again. I can send out that very same promo email and instead of 25 to 45 dollars, I can expect to bring in anywhere from $250 to $800!

Here’s a screenshot of the results I enjoyed from my most recent promo email. Remember, this email took me no more than 10-15 minutes to write:

wso_affiliate_result_3_24_2013(click to enlarge)

Why such a MASSIVE discrepancy?

1. A solid reputation
2. A buyers list

Let’s look at each of these two things individually:

1. A Solid Reputation

When folks trust you, you win. So how do you get folks to trust you? Why, you’ve gotta be trustworthy, sillypants! And how, pray tell, do you become trustworthy?

You give a shit about your fellow human being.

You take amazingly good care of your subscribers, customers, affiliates, JV partners, and friends… and you sincerely care about them. You don’t show them a happy face while you’re interacting with them and then make fun of them or curse them behind their back.

You want amazing results in your business? Be an amazing human being. Add as much value as you possibly can. Don’t give anyone a single reason not to trust you. Hell, don’t give them a single reason not to absolutely adore you!

“But Lee, how the freak-crap do you actually achieve this?”

I don’t have to tell you, but I’m totally gonna:

For starters, you don’t EVER… and I mean don’t you freaking EVER promote bad products to your list! Never. And if you do, you’d better apologize to them immediately.

I once promoted a shitty product that had to do with putting a bunch of terrible-quality leads on your list and then ad-swapping with other list owners who had decent leads on theirs. How immoral is that? Once I learned what I was actually promoting, I felt like dirt and apologized to my list immediately.

If you come across a bad product, it is YOUR responsibility to WARN your subscribers that it’s a bad one. This will build trust like you wouldn’t believe.

But perhaps even more importantly, produce a world-class product of your own!

Promoting other people’s stuff is fine and good. But when you actually add real value to the marketplace, you win big time… and so do your subscribers and customers. You become a caring person in their eyes. You’re now someone who is willing to actually step up to the plate and help, rather than just pawning folks off to others.

You can’t imagine how creating your own product can instantly build credibility and trust. Man, it happens virtually overnight! But your stuff needs to be top-notch! And by that, I don’t mean that you need to have the best speling or gramer in the wurld,

I’m simply suggesting that you pour your heart into your work. Genuinely attempt to help your audience to the very best of your ability. Put yourself on the line. Share your expertise with your audience… and do it like a friend would.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself here. We’ll get back to product creation momentarily. For now, I just want to plant this seed in your mind…

Your reputation is your single greatest asset in online business. With an amazing reputation, the whole IM world will open up to you. Folks will sincerely WANT to help you along in your quest. You will do extremely well in this business.

2. A Buyers List

How many times have you heard me talk about this effin’ thing?!

Hmmm… I wonder why. 😉

Comparing a buyers list to a subscribers list is like comparing a playoff-worthy NFL team to an average college football team. Sure, some college players make the pros, but most of them don’t. But every player in the pros made the pros… right?

Same with your buyers list. Most people on your subscribers list will never buy a single thing from you. But every buyer on your buyers list has already bought something from you! So you know that they’re willing to pull out their credit card and invest.

Each buyer on your buyers list is worth 10 subscribers on your freebie list. Talk about concentration of power! Wow! So you mean to tell me that a list of 200 buyers is just as powerful as a freebie list of 2000? Absolutely, and in some cases it’s even more powerful!

A buyers list is the holy stinkin’ grail of list building. I’ve got a nice one now, hence my ability to pull in almost $800 from a single email. I bet you’d really like to have one, too. If so, read on my friend. I would LOVE to help you get yourself one! 😉

But first… another question.

What do a healthy reputation and a buyers list have in common?

Product Creation – Oh Yeah!

When you become a product creator, you gain control over your business.

Now, you can share yourself with the world. And now you can get paid to do so!

But the best part? You can assemble a massive army of affiliates to send the world to you, so you no longer have to do any of the heavy lifting yourself. Cool, right?

See, when you have your own product to offer, the leverage opportunities you have with your online business are insane. At the beginning of this article, I told you I’d share some of the wonderful benefits you stand to gain by being a product creator.

Well, now is as good a time as any to do just that…

As a Product Creator, You Can:

  • Build your buyers list
  • Enjoy recurring, hands-free income
  • Gain credibility and establish a good reputation
  • Dramatically expand your JV opportunities
  • Let other people handle all your promotional stuff
  • Enjoy incredible pride of ownership
  • Retain full rights to your business
  • Rest assured that nobody can “take this away” from you
  • Get behind the product 100%… It is yours, afterall!
  • Offer resell rights to make your business go viral
  • Create brand recognition for even greater future sales
  • So much more!

It never really feels like a list of bullet points is complete until it reads “So much more!” Why the heck is that? Hmmmm…

Anyway, we will be getting into the nuts and bolts of how to actually create your own product. In fact, that may be my very next blog post, so be sure to stay tuned for that… it’s gonna rock your world’s socks off their rocker… or something. 😉

For now, I will just stress how cool it is to strive to be a product creator. You can make SOOOOO stinkin’ much more money when you have total control of your business. A strong reputation and a buyers list are the two most powerful assets you can have as an IMer, and product creation is the quickest and most organic path to acquiring these two assets.

I really hope this has helped plant a seed in your mind. If so, be sure to tune in for my next post. In it, we will begin watering that seed and hopefully growing a high-value product line that you’re proud to call your own.

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