Autoresponder Content – Is This Your Big Hangup?

Autoresponder content is actually a major hangup for many people. They really want to set up a good sales funnel. They’re willing to put together a free offer, squeeze page, and virtually everything else. But when it comes to loading up their autoresponder with great content, they get stuck.

Does this describe you? Do you have 15, 30, or even more messages loaded up in your Aweber account, ready to be sent out to your list automatically? Is your business really set up to make you as much hands-free money as possible?

If you’re like most folks, the answer is obvious. And it’s not “yes.” I mean, if you do happen to have a great autoresponder sequence in place, then you are by all means to be congratulated. That’s a HUGE accomplishment. But if you don’t, no worries. I got you! 😉

How to Get Great Autoresponder Content On the Cheap:

First off, if you can write your own email copy and have the time and desire to craft your own autoresponder sequence, then by all means do it. Nothing can compare to the personal feel of a self-written message. Plus, it’s free to do… minus the time you invest, of course.

But if writing 30 or more emails from scratch doesn’t sound like something you’d be good at, or enjoy, then you’ve got some really promising options out there. The three options we’ll be discussing today are outsourcing, buying a pre-designed sales funnel, and acquiring PLR content. Let’s take a look at these individually…

Method #1 – Outsourcing Your Autoresponder Content:

This is a quick, easy, and relatively affordable way to get a lot of unique autoresponder email content. You can hire an individual to create your content for you, or employ the services of an entire freelance team if you want to get it done faster.

There are lots of places you can go to find folks willing to design an email series for you at very reasonable rates. Try the Warrior Forum’s “Warriors for Hire” section. Odesk is okay, too, but you’ll really want to make sure that your freelancer has a firm grasp on the English language before hiring him or her. and are two excellent choices for finding good writing talent. Another resource I really like is, where there are tons of different content packages available at a variety of price points.

When you give your instructions to the writer, just let them know you’re in need of 30 or so email autoresponder messages. Let them know what your niche is, and provide them with about 8 or 9 different specific topics to write about. Ideally (if you’re going the “turn and burn” affiliate marketing route), you’ll want to promote 8 or 9 different products and send 3 emails for each product.

Each product you promote should be in its own distinct class and category. In other words, if you’re in the IM niche, you can promote a list building product, a product creation product, a traffic generation product, a membership site product, etc. Once you’ve got these sub-niches selected and you’ve got your products to promote, have your freelancers create 3 articles for each one.

The first of these 3 articles should be about the main problem people face within that sub-niche. For list building, for example, it could be that most people are too lazy or overwhelmed to set up a proper sales funnel. You will then want to offer a link to the product at the end of that email, providing it as a “possible solution.” Don’t hype the product (which should be a great overall list building course) at all. Just mention it in passing.

The second of these 3 articles should be about a few additional problems people face within that sub-niche. Sticking with list building, it could be that folks don’t have much of an advertising budget, or they don’t know how to write effective email copy, or they’re afraid of communicating with lots of people all at once, etc. Again, offer the same product as a potential solution. Perhaps be a bit more aggressive, providing more than one link (2 or 3 max.) throughout the body of your email. Still don’t hype it, though.

The third of these 3 emails will be moderately promotional in nature. Have your freelancer take a look at the product’s sales page and testimonials. Have him or her write up a review of sorts. Again, you don’t want to hype it up. You just want to make it seem like “a viable solution at an affordable price.”

Have your writer(s) repeat this for the remainder of your sub-niches and products. I would aim for 8 sets of these emails, for a total of 24 emails. The remaining 6 emails (to reach your 30 daily email goal) should be all about relationship building. These are actually messages you can write yourself.

One or two of these emails should be you asking your subscribers how you can better serve them. Another couple should be you inviting them to check out a video on YouTube or something. This can be a video in your niche, or simply something off-beat, like a cool music or comedy vid.

The last two or three messages can be personal stories, recipes, jokes (keep it fairly clean), or anything else that may be of relative interest to your subscribers and that (more importantly) show them you’re a real person.

You can sprinkle these random emails throughout your autoresponder sequence. Don’t bunch them up together. Maybe do one set of 3 promo emails followed by on offbeat one… and repeat.

You will find that your autoresponder fills up very quickly when you take this approach. And hell, if you want to double this thing up and shoot for 60 emails, you will have a sales funnel that promotes 16 different products for you on complete autopilot!

The drawback to this method is that it can get quite expensive, especially if you’re hiring talented copywriters.

Method #2 – Buying a Pre-Designed Sales Funnel:

I don’t need to spend much time discussing this one, because everything has already been done for you. So I’ll just introduce you to a particular resource I like, tell you a little bit about it, and then invite you to take a look at it yourself. Sound good? Awesome!

The resource is called the “Super Sign-Up System.” It’s being offered by one of my favorite online business people, Mike Cowles.

Essentially, this is an entire sales funnel in a box…

You get freebie products to promote, a done-for-you squeeze page, a great one-time-offer (OTO) that can instantly put as much as $97 per sale directly into your Paypal account, a thank-you page, download pages, instructions on how to set this whole thing up, Master Resell Rights to the entire package, and yes… a full 100 follow-up email messages for you to customize and load into your autoresponder.

This is a hell of a deal at less than 10 bucks, and I invite you to take a closer look at this package by clicking this link.

The main drawback to this method is that you won’t be the only one rockin’ this sales funnel.

Method #3 – Acquiring Killer PLR Content:

Here is another really good way to get a full autoresponder sequence worth of content cheaply… and instantly!

Essentially, all you’re doing is purchasing articles that have already been written for you by a skilled copywriter. Other marketers have access to this same content, but you are certainly able (and encouraged) to make alterations as you see fit. You can add your own affiliate links to the messages and brand them however you’d like.

Once you purchase the content, it’s yours to do with as you will.

What’s really great about buying PLR material is that it’s considerably cheaper than hiring a freelance writer. And in many cases, the quality is every bit as good, if not better. Content that would normally cost you $5-10 per page had you gotten it custom written for you will now only set you back $1 per page, on average.

Some PLR content providers specifically sell full autoresponder email series, which is great because there’s no chopping or shortening of overly long articles necessary. You can simply add the messages to your Aweber account, make whatever changes (if any) you’d like, and drop in your affiliate links so that you can get paid!

Quite possibly the best resource for professional-quality PLR content on the Internet is Tiffany Dow’s “PLR Mini Mart,” where you can navigate your way to her 52-page autoresponder series in a variety of niches, including IM!

If you’re interested in going this route, be sure to click this link to let Tiffany furnish you with an incredible autoresponder sequence in just minutes from now!

Autoresponder Content – Conclusion:

As you can see, coming up with great content for your autoresponder doesn’t have to fall entirely on your shoulders. There are people and organizations willing to help you with this often overwhelming task.

All you have to do is be willing to take advantage of the resources you have at your disposal.

Remember, the worst thing you can do is over-analyze this shit. Random action is better than no action. A bad autoresponder sequence is better than no autoresponder sequence. But if you follow the advice offered to you in this blog post, you won’t have to worry about anything being bad.

It’s all good, baby!

As always, I encourage and appreciate your comments. So by all means, leave one below!

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