Alex Jeffreys’ Traffic Rush Review

Yo, homie. Here’s the deal. Alex Jeffreys is one of those cats who happens to garner a ton of buzz upon a new product launch. His newest offering, Traffic Rush, is certainly no exception.

I picked up a copy for myself, just finished the main video course, and would just like to weigh in on Traffic Rush.

My Alex Jeffreys’ Traffic Rush Review

First off, I’d just like to say that Mr. Jeffreys is a great marketer. I personally don’t enjoy video courses nearly as much as I like reading e-books, but that’s just a matter of preference.

I say he’s a great marketer for two reasons. For starters, he really knows his stuff. He’s a killer strategist, hires great people to be on his team, and the dude makes a shitload of coin. You’ve gotta be a great marketer to pull that off.

But I also really dig the fact that he shares what he knows. I understand first-hand the power of creating and marketing information products online. In my five years in Internet business, I have seen how there is no comparison between being an affiliate and being a product vendor.

Alex Jeffreys clearly understands this, and he’s really not afraid to reveal this in his new Traffic Rush course. Not all marketers actually SHOW their customers what THEY do to earn their living online. He does. So props for that, yeah?

Not only does he “preach” being a product vendor, though. He also does a pretty good job of showing even affiliate marketers how they can get tons of free traffic using the power of social media, among other sources.

He shows you precisely what to look for, and exactly what steps you can take to leverage your time and efforts in the most effective way.

So I definitely appreciate that.


It ain’t all good, baby! 😉

What Sucks About Traffic Rush?

There were a few things that literally had me rolling my eyes back in my head, as if to say “Come on, fella. Really?”

As with his other courses, this is a single video presentation. It’s nearly two-and-a-half hours long. Tons of value, right? Well, yeah… but the information you need is hardly easy to access. Had he broken it up into clearly labeled modules, the information would be far easier to access on the fly.

Also, he tends to over-explain really simple concepts, I find. Like figuring out your earnings per click. Really basic math stuff that he spends, in my opinion, WAAAAAAY too much time trying to drive home. Maybe I’m just too smart for my own damn good. 😉

He does fumble with his speech a few times, but I probably would, too! In fact, I’m gonna be doing videos soon… so I should watch my effin’ critiques of other folks’ videos! Besides, it shows he’s human, so I can’t really fault him for not being flawless and “polished.”

Anyway, he still speaks with passion and authority. The little hiccups are just a little observation I made while going through the course. Overall, he did a fine job with it, which leads me into the cool stuff about his new course…

What Rocks Ass About Traffic Rush?

Despite the fact that this isn’t a perfect product, it is still VERY good at helping you establish priorities. It covers in crystal clear detail why starting your business with traffic in mind can kill you before you even realize you’re dying.

Alex Jeffreys puts traffic in its proper place. He shows you where it sits on the IM food chain, and what types of things you need to have in order LONG BEFORE you ever even THINK about driving traffic. I cannot overemphasize how important this is.

And then, once it comes to actually sending traffic to your offer, he shows you how to do so in the most leveraged possible way. No relying on Google… or even paid traffic for that matter. The stuff he teaches is truly legit… and for most folks, it’s gonna be revolutionary.

Also, he really overdelivers in terms of bonuses. 6 in-depth videos, which are each essentially products in and of themselves are included in his package, along with a couple additional bonuses that I’m not allowed to tell you about.

But the included videos cover topics ranging from affiliate attraction and Facebook ad mastery to a proven solo ad strategy (featuring solo ad expert Igor Keifets) and a “hidden traffic loophole,” which I should probably also remain mum about.

Finally, the value is just stupid. It’s under 10 bucks, as per AJ’s usual style. For everything you get for that 10 bucks, I must declare that you’d be a little on the “mentally slow” side to not take a look.

Just prepare to endure a little extra verbiage that really didn’t need to be included. It’s a 2.5 hour course that could have been condensed down to an hour and forty-five minutes without losing anything. But that’s still a LOT of highly valuable content for $9.90!

Overall, I’m giving Alex Jeffreys’ Traffic Rush course my endorsement. It’s a no-brainer, as far as I’m concerned. I cannot personally speak on the OTO, as I’m a cheap bastard. But the main course is solid, for sure.

That said, a few of MY customers have told me that his OTO’s are generally quite good… so do with that information what you will.

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It’s been a pleasure as always!

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