Alex Jeffreys Launch Bible 2.0 Review and Bonus From Lee Murray!

Alex Jeffreys Launch Bible 2.0 Review and BonusLet’s skip to it, Skippy…

Today I review Alex Jeffreys’ new course Launch Bible 2.0 all honest-like.

I’ll tell you right meow though, el capitano, it’s my damned bonus that’s gonna get you buying this sucker through MY affiliate link post haste!

That said, let’s start with AJ’s new training…

Alex Jeffreys Launch Bible 2.0 Review

One thing that I always appreciate in an Alex Jeffreys video course is the passion and enthusiasm in his voice. Dude knows his stuff… and is living a dream lifestyle… and has helped countless others to do the same. So in that sense, it’s no wonder he’s so passionate, right?

So that’s the first thing I notice straight away (does that make me sound British) is how invited and welcomed I feel the moment that he says “Hey, Alex Jeffreys here… Welcome to the Launch Bible.” And it kind of wakes me up and prepares me to dive in. I dig the way he talks.

The main video is 1:19:16 long… and there are TONS of bonus videos, as well as .mp3 and PDF versions of the main course. You get A LOT of good stuff for your tiny little investment, including:

  • The Product Launch Survival Guide
  • 4-Page Cash Machine Templates (JV page, tools page, sales page, thank you page)
  • Alex’ Black Book Resource Guide
  • Live Group Q&A Mastermind Session
  • Fly On the Wall Video Documentary
  • How to Become the #1 Affiliate
  • Product Launch Checklist
  • Email Marketing Course
  • Premium Access
  • Exit Splash Generator
  • Many of Alex’ E-books

No joke, right? That’s TONS of potentially very powerful stuff there.

But that having been said, I’m not here to review the bonuses. I haven’t even cracked most of ’em open, though I can tell you that the templates and the “How to Become the #1 Affiliate” bonuses sound incredibly useful. The other stuff sounds good, too. But those two sound the best to me.

Okay, so at this point, I’m going to go through “Launch Bible 2” for my second time. As I go through it, I’ll be sharing my impressions along the way. Yeah, I know… I do really good reviews n’ junk. 😉

My Real-Time Impressions of This Training…

Okay, so he starts off by doing a bit of typical AJ bragging (tee hee). Can’t hate the man for sharing his qualifications, I reckon.

I like that he cuts right to the core of most people’s success hang-ups. He’s about consistently practicing the fundamentals, and avoiding all the flashy bullshit that stops people. Respect for him covering this topic.

Okay, more bragging… but in an acceptable “case study” sort of way. He’s talking now about visitor value… how much each visitor to your sales page is worth. He makes A LOT of dough during his launches. This is something we could ALL use. Tens of freakin’ thousands. In like a day or two!

But he’s taught countless others to do this, too… and they really have! That should set your mind at ease.

(By the way, we’re still in what I would call the introduction phases of the video. The actual training hasn’t actually started yet… we’re at 8:15 of the video at this particular moment. That said, I have really enjoyed most of this conversation thus far.)

Okay, so now he’s discussing the greatest business model on Earth… and why it’s so incredible. Very exciting. Very transformative. I’m living proof of this!

This is actually quite inspirational. He just said “Remember… we ALL started at the start.” This is a very good quote that would really help a lot of beginners (and less than successful IMers) to put their heads down and just get their asses to work, provided they’re really willing to internalize it and let it set them on fire.

The Actual Training Begins Now (13:02):

He’s dissecting the nature of a product launch. He stresses that it’s an EVENT, and is explaining this concept in detail. He also just distilled everything down into the ONE SINGLE GREATEST reason to do product launches. And I totally agree with him on this point. Good job, Alex!

He’s now going through the various stages of a launch (by the way, he says this strategy will work in ANY niche). I don’t go through all of these stages personally. But dude, I really should. I can TOTALLY see the power in doing so. If you were to adhere to his advice here, you would have a much more successful launch than you would if you didn’t adhere to it.

I agree with his first step of creating a product. It’s a pretty obvious one. But now he’s talking about the psychology behind implementing it. And I can tell you, this psychology makes all the difference. Naturally, I can’t be too specific here… but it has to do with market research coupled with expertise and passion.

I really like what he’s talking about in this regard. It’s quite enthralling, actually.

He really focuses on the money first. “Is there a market for this? Is there a passionate and genuine need?” I’ve been doing this a lot more with my own students lately. “Make the money now,” I tell them. “Ask the questions later.” This is huge.

(But this ain’t about me now, is it? 😉 )

Cool, his lesson on supply and demand is on point. So far, I’ve agreed with everything he’s said. I’ve even made a few distinctions. So see, I’m learnin’ as I’m reviewin’. Mofo better not make me pay him twice! Fish n’ chip eatin’ son of a…

That was nice of him. He just offered to lend a hand if someone needs additional assistance with this first step. Sign of a good coach there.

Now he’s sharing a case study of how he personally implemented this step. So I’m just gonna listen for a few. Examples are good.

Holy shit, someone sent him 266 sales during a launch! That’s madness. And it’s a testament to the effectiveness of his step one strategy.

Another HUGE lesson here. Keeps product creation simple, totally manageable, and just plain better. It’s easy for you to create, easy for your people to digest (and implement), and allows you to create many other products without “blowing your load” all at once. I know, that was totally freakin’ gross. But it was the most fitting metaphor for this situation.

Anyway, it’s very smart.

Dude… he’s talking about basically beginning with the end in mind and working in reverse. Even somebody who sucks product creation balls can pull this off in magnificent style. That’s real talk. It’s a very doable thing for virtually ANYBODY.

He’s going into detail about this now, and showing him actually working the process. His first few ideas were kinda shitty, to be perfectly frank. But he started getting better and better. And his final idea sounded pretty damn decent. I’m impressed that he’s sharing like this.

His process for developing a product is similar to mine. And I can tell you that it works very well for me. It works well for my students. It works well for Alex’ students. I can’t imagine it failing to work for anyone. Yes, that includes you, kimosabe! 😉

He calls it the “Four Steps to Creating the Perfect Product,” and it’s definitely right on point.

So far so good, mi amigo.

Nice, he’s now sharing the exact tools he uses to create products… PDF, mp3, video, live, etc.

Wow, he’s really making this simple. Me likey.

His preferred method of actually creating products differs from mine. He’s a talker, I’m a writer. No worries either way though, you’re always welcome to do it the way that YOU prefer. You don’t have to do it the exact way that he does. You don’t have to do it exactly the way I do.

Just sayin’. It’s not that important. Him sharing his preferred method is NOT cornerstone to this training. You’ll be fine if you prefer to write.

Now we’re moving on to things that a lot of teachers don’t cover, which is business infrastructure. Customer support, email, etc. Good stuff.

Sales Page:

He’s now talking about how he’s kind of shitty at writing sales copy yet he earns millions. He outsources it. But he’s really emphasizing the importance of good sales copy.

Oh, I was wrong.

He used to suck at it. But now he follows a great formula (which he’s now sharing in detail) and does it all himself. In fact, now he finds himself writing sales copy for others. Hahahaha, funny how that works, ain’t it?

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

He kind of glossed over the sales copy. He says he has detailed training on it and is happy to provide you with it. I do that stuff in my products, too. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to cover such a complex subject in depth. No hate.

Now he’s on designing the sales page… making it look good and so forth. Graphics, etc. He outsources all of this. He just tells his designer to “make this look pretty.” He also GIVES YOU ACCESS to his personal sales page designer! That’s a huge bonus.

He’s now covering payment processing. He’s a JV Zoo guy. I’m a WarriorPlus guy. They both have their pros and cons, I suppose. Just a matter of taste, really. Though it does seem that writers tend to go with W+ while software and video creators tend to make their homes at JVZ.

Just a personal observation.

He’s lightly covering legal stuff… but not trying to dive too deep into it.

The stuff he’s covering now is very important, and will benefit you in a huge way… but I’m not gonna talk about it simply because it’s not that “sexy.” He’s now talking about FB retargeting. I don’t do this, but…

Hot damn!

I should TOTALLY do this. Wow. This is worth the price of this course all on its own. His programmer installs the code. I’m gonna have to find someone to do this for me. It’s insane how much money I’ve been leaving on the table by NOT doing this.

Now he’s covering the almighty exit pop. I like this. You should totally do it. It’s worth it. Don’t do a bunch of ’em. Just one, okay?

But it’s a great way to build a killer list on your exit traffic. No extra effort! And Alex includes exit pop software with this course, so there ya go.

Split Testing:

Yeah, this is something I don’t do NEARLY enough of. But what he’s sharing here is totally right. This is how you keep ramping up those conversions.

Do not overlook the power of A/B split testing, if only at the headline level.

Now he’s sharing his checklist. I won’t share it here because that would be douchey of me. 😉

But it’s a really convincing order.

Basically, he’s telling you to NOT do this before you’ve done THAT. And don’t do THAT before you’ve done that other thing.

So it’s very much step-by-step.

Man, this is really, really good stuff. It’ll change your life if you actually DO it.

Easy for me to say, I’m already earning my living this way. But as you’re going through this checklist (even as you’re just listening to him explain it), I think it will seem like the obvious right thing to do. Because it is!

I’ll stop the review at this time because now it’s getting too specific for me to try explaining in a cryptic nature.

I will tell you that he’s covering some extremely powerful affiliate attraction techniques right now. And this is really the most important part of the entire process. But I’m gonna shut my muppet mouth now. I’ll then summarize.

Finally, I’ll get to the main event. The reason why YOU’RE ALL HERE right meow… MY BONUS!

(I’m so vain. I probably think this post is about me. Don’t I? Don’t I? Don’t I?)

Launch Bible Review – My Conclusion:

This is incredibly in-depth training that is easy to digest and keeps your attention all the way throughout.

Alex can sometimes seem a little braggy-pants, but he always rolls it up in useful case studies and examples. Some dudes just brag. Alex shows off. It’s a big difference! 😀

For less than 10 bucks, you’d be a fool to not include “The Launch Bible 2.0” in your IM library. With the bonuses, resources, and excellent training for both your mind and your bank account, Alex has really done quite well with this one.

My rating: 9.1 out of 10.

It’s really quite wonderful. Extremely actionable. And it can have you making big kid money in next to no time. Like I said, Alex really focuses on going after that money fast… without effing around. You’ve GOT to respect that.

But Don’t Order It Yet. This Shizzy Gets SO MUCH SWEETER…

The Launch Bible Bonus from Lee Murray – KITCHEN SINK 3.0!!!

Whoa, Nelly.

As if Alex’ top-notch training and jaw-dropping bonuses and teensie weensie price tag weren’t enough of an incentive to buy “The Launch Bible 2.0” through my link today, I’m about to get absolutely krunk on yo’ ass, gangsta! 😉

More specifically (and suburbanally… uhuhuhuhuh, I said “anally”), I’m about to give you EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT I’VE EVER CREATED, along with some brand new stuff that I haven’t even released yet!

This is lunacy.

Here’s what you get:

  • The White Hot List
  • The White Hot List 2
  • Zero to Beero (my personal, gut-wrenching story)
  • The Leederboard Method (how to WIN thousands online)
  • Sales Funnel Supreme ($27 value)
  • Trifecta ($67 value)
  • Down and Dirty List Building ($17 value)
  • Health Market Gold w/Bonuses ($121 value)
  • 21 And Done ($47 value)
  • Email Slick ($67 value)
  • From the Top (what I would do if starting from scratch!)
  • The Cab Grab Leverage System ($37 value)
  • 49 DFY emails ($60 value… HUGE resource!)
  • 3 Months of my FULL email promo service ($60 value… AMAZING!)
  • Pop Culture Cash ($27 value… super fun!)
  • Click For More ($37 value… a better approach to list building)

This is WELL-OVER $800 in real value. This isn’t a bunch of PLR bullcrap. This is some of the best IM training, tools, and resources you can get your hands on… period. If you don’t know who I am, ask around. This couldn’t be more legit if it was Hammer Time.

But it gets SO MUCH better!


Viva La Volume!Viva La Volume! – This is a white boy’s upcoming course about a business that we should ALL be doing on the side, and that’s running an affiliate review site for physical goodies.

Amazon, Wal-Mart,… whatever you wish.

The reason you wanna be doing this is because you can set up simple web pages set to attract free search engine traffic for BUYER keywords… and you can just keep getting paid over and over again, totally passively.

This is a real asset that you can just keep growing and growing. And if some day you decide to cash out for a mega payday, that option is certainly available to you.

But here’s the problem…

Writing reviews is so hard. It’s so time consuming. It’s so boooooooooorrrrrriiiiinnnngggg.

Not anymore, Cowboy!

“Viva La Volume!” is about to show you how to set up a KILLER review template that changes every single time you run it through a FREE piece of online software. All YOU have to do is copy and paste a few pieces of information from Amazon (or whatever affiliate or CPA network you’re promoting for) and bang! Done.

This enables you to truly focus on a volume approach that few others will ever take advantage of. You’ll establish and GROW a dependable income that makes you money even while you sleep! How huge is that?

You can now have HUGE, content-rich product reviews – full of user engagement, personality, and genuine assistance to other human beings. And these reviews will literally only take 5-10 minutes each to produce and have live on your site.

You can even outsource this for like 3 or 4 bucks a review!

And you can literally be cranking out 10-20 of these each and every day.

You’ll be getting organic traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo!… and any other search engines that value great content.

Your reviews will rank with virtually ZERO off page SEO stuff.

I am SO excited about this release. It’s going live in April… and you’ll receive a copy BEFORE it goes live. My thank you gift for buying AJ’s “Launch Bible 2.0” through my affiliate link today. The link’s coming soon. Hang tight, family. Here’s the next NEW thing…

That One Article

That One Article – This is my most anticipated release ever, bar none!

This is true not only because I’ve been telling people about this strategy since the dawn of time, or because it’s my very first VIDEO course… but also because people tend to miss the “good old days” of IM, when writing and submitting articles actually meant something.

In “That One Article,” you’ll very quickly realize that it still does.

But the way in which I’m gonna have you doing “article marketing” is the stuff of legend. We’re talking re-purposing at its finest. And this will be literally the finest ongoing traffic generation strategy you’ve likely EVER come across.

Combine this method with my “Click For More” system (included in this Launch Bible bonus package), and you’ve got yourself the finest gateway into a reputable business that a person could ask for. You’ll see…

For now though, just know that this long-awaited course launches early this summer, and you’re getting yourself a free front-row ticket when you grab Alex Jeffreys’ “The Launch Bible 2.0” through my affiliate link today. I know… generous. WTF? 🙂

But I Saved the BEST for LAST…

I honestly (and I really do mean this) cannot believe that I’m about to do this.

For several weeks now, I have been working on a physical product review template that is spun numerous times at the sentence, phrase, and word levels… all of this has been (and is still being) done entirely by hand, by one of the finest review writers in all of IM Land… me! 😀

Seriously though, this is big time.

Essentially, you’re getting unlimited review content for life. I’ve created little placeholders for you to plug in specific information from the actual product page. But that’s freakin’ EASY! The hard part is the stuff I’ve done for you!

You know, the user engagement… the presell process… the trust forming… the value conveying…

I’ve done it all for you!

This will be my upsell for “Viva La Volume!” – and I will be charging $47 for it, though it’s really worth SO MUCH MORE than that. Really it is. Again, this is unlimited review content for life! Enough said.

You get ALL of this… and even a few surprise extras… all for jumping in on this freakin’ LOCO bonus offer and putting Alex Jeffreys’ incredible “Launch Bible 2.0” in your life today.

Ready for that link now?

Yeah, I thought you might be. 😉

How to Take Advantage of This Unfathomable Offer Right Now…

Step One: Order “The Launch Bible 2.0” through this link right now!

Step Two: Send your proof of purchase to right after you buy.

Step Three: Allow up to 48 hours for your life-changing bonus package to be delivered.

This kind of offer doesn’t come along every day.

Take advantage while you can, my friend.

Leave your comments and questions below.

Always in your corner,


P.S. Go to to get the ball rolling NOW!

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