About Lee Murray

Howdy, cowfolk. (Or something)

My name is Lee and I’m sincerely flattered that you wanna know a little bit ’bout me. But there’s not much to tell, so goodbye. Aah, okay. Don’t freak out on me. I’ll share some stuff.

I was born in Spokane, Washington. Strangely enough, that’s where I live today, although I certainly didn’t grow up here, nor do I have any family here.

I’ve bounced ALL over this country. From Olympia, Washington and Portland, Oregon to Fairfax County, Virginia and Las Vegas, Nevada… and one of my favorite spots, Austin, Texas… I’ve hung my hat in all sorts of cities and towns. In fact, here’s just a short list of the places in which I’ve resided:

* Spokane, WA
* Olympia, WA (both Oly and Lacey)
* Kelso, WA
* Portland, OR (including PDX, Beaverton, and Oregon City)
* Las Vegas, NV (including LV, Henderson, and NLV)
* Sacramento, CA
* Centreville, VA
* Annandale, VA
* Kerrville, TX
* Austin, TX (including Cedar Park and Central Austin)
* Boise, ID
* Nampa, ID
* Marsing, ID
* Post Falls, ID
* Fallon, NV
* And that’s all I can think of right now, though I know that I lived in Tennessee and Arkansas when I was a wee one, as pictured above.

By passion, I’m a rather clever and skilled (to toot my own horn) musician. Unfortunately, a career in music has not yet manifested, as I’ve had very little money and a  poorly tuned mindset working against me. As of this writing, by the way, I’m two months shy of 37 years old.

I write songs, sing like a freak, and drum like the wind. In fact, here’s one of many songs I’ve written. It’s called “Pattern Curse.” I recorded it while wearing headphones, and it sounds MUCH better that way than if you just listen through regular speakers. But if you don’t mind listening, here it is:

01 Pattern Curse

It’s what I LOVE doing more than anything in the world, other than hanging out with my very best friend ever… my son, Cadence Benjamin Murray (aka “Cado Potato”). Here’s a picture of my little buddy (he just turned 3 as of this post)…

Cute, right?

We love the little so-and-so dearly. In many regards, he’s got the mind of a 20-year-old, as I’ve been working from home for his entire life, and have dedicated my life to making him feel like a million bucks… and teaching him a thing or two about this and that. ;=)

Okay, so a few specs about mwa:

  • Die-hard Seahawks fan (love ’em, love ’em, love ’em!)
  • Great daddy, or so I tell my kid.
  • Snazzy dresser, or so I tell the mirror.
  • Drummer, singer, songwriter, lyricist.
  • 4 year Internet Marketing veteran, with a new and intense focus on listbuilding.
  • Personal development junkie. I dig that Robbins kid, along with his mentor, the late Jim Rohn.
  • Slightly overweight.
  • Drink too much beer.
  • Funny and clever as hell.
  • Humble ;=)

More coming soon. Stay tuned!


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