A Formal Apology From Lee Murray – Lesson Learned!

I’ve been sleeping with the enemy… myself.

I never aspired to be a turn and burn marketer. I went into this with only the purest of intentions. Helping my fellow online entrepreneur. Making a difference. Leading by example.

Lately, my example has sucked balls. It’s been quite dreadful.

Listen, I’m not saying that promoting to your list is a bad thing. It’s especially great if you’re into shortcuts and you’re still able to provide value in the process of using such shortcuts.

But it really comes down to how true you’re being to yourself.

I teach list building and product creation. I’m supposed to be showing you guys how I’ve gotten to the level of success that I enjoy today. Instead, I’ve been pawning y’all off on other marketers. And I’m really, truly sorry for that.

Shortcuts vs. Irresponsibility

Wanna know what I deem to be the difference between building your business via “healthy” shortcuts and just being plain irresponsible? Well I’m gonna tell you. The difference is this:


If you’re gonna be a turn and burn marketer, you need to start off that way. And you need to be honest about it.

My last 6 broadcast emails to my list have been turn-and-burn style promos. All six of them. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t promote garbage products. I only promoted products that I myself have used and personally enjoyed. That’s a code of conduct I won’t fuck with.

But I’ve been irresponsible in the sense that I promised that *I* would be teaching y’all this stuff. Instead, I’ve gotten lazy about it. I’ve been pawning you off on other folks. Good, well-meaning folks mostly… but I haven’t been living up to my promise of stepping up to the plate and personally helping you build a successful business for yourself.

Perhaps you’ve noticed. Perhaps you haven’t. But the bottom line is that I have. I haven’t been living up to my own standard. And as a result, I’ve been feeling kinda crappy about my business.


So Yeah, I’m Sorry… Really.

That said, I’d like to update you on a few things, if you don’t mind.

1. I’m catching my second wind and am about to be far more active on my blog again. I’ve got some big, exciting things in store for you. The highly anticipated “Part Two” of my free product creation training will be up and live right here on ListBuildingWithLee.com within the next 24 hours. It’s coming along very nicely and I believe it’s going to be an invaluable resource for you.

2. My new course “Down and Dirty List Building” is set to launch on May 15! I am truly excited about this one. It’s all about taking the largest possible shortcuts while still maintaining a high level of effectiveness. And this course is going to allow (and encourage) you to play OUTSIDE of the IM niche for a change! It’s gonna be a ton of fun for you… I guarantee it!

3. I have decided to go on a 31-day all juice and water fast (cleanse) beginning May 1. The goal is to drop 41 pounds and reclaim my mental clarity and physical vitality. I’ve decided to say goodbye to the booze, for a while anyway! πŸ˜‰ – but maybe longer.

4. I’ve also decided to take on four – and only four – coaching clients for the month of May. I am also extending my 50% discount. So it’s $497 for the entire month. The coaching is totally 1-on-1… you’ll be dealing with me directly. It’s 3 sessions per week, a full hour per session. I will absolutely help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Contact me at lee@listbuildingwithlee.com for more info.

5. Finally, I’m giving SEO another chance… but only in a niche with VERY little (and very weak) competition. And I’m still doing it with list building in mind. My ultimate goal is always to build a huge list to help… and to market to. And that should always be your first thought as well. If this campaign goes as well as I think it will, I’ll be turning my step-by-step process into a course… and I’ll even share my niche with you!

By the Way…

I really appreciate your loyalty and your readership. I certainly hope you don’t take offense to my recent promotional streak. Email marketing is a very seductive creature. The knowledge that you can simply review a product, send out a little email about it, and put real money straight into your Paypal account almost instantly can really go to your head.

It went to mine, and I never thought it would.

The thing is, I can now speak from experience that you make less money this way. Being helpful, genuine, and actually giving a shit about your subscribers and customers builds more trust and loyalty. Your conversions go through the roof when you do promote. And YOU become more of a commodity.

The truth is, when you push things on folks, most of them push right back. But when you genuinely help people, they actually ask you what they can buy from you! This is totally true, believe me! I’ve had many people thank me for my help, tell me they’ll buy anything I sell in the future, and even ask me if there are any products I recommend that they can purchase through my affiliate link.

Repeatedly sending promotional, turn-and-burn style emails – especially after you’ve made a promise that you would personally help your people – gets you low conversions and your fair share of unsubscribes. Your list becomes less and less responsive. They start trusting you less. Your opinions and advice mean less to them.

In other words, you burn some bridges that you otherwise wouldn’t have burned.

It sounds weird as hell, I know. But I am telling you right here and now, and this is coming from pure experience. Promoting less often leads to making more money! Again, promoting less often leads to making more money!

I hope this lesson serves you well.

Final Thoughts…

Remember, you never stop learning. You never stop growing. Notice that I’m not burying my head in the sand. I feel legitimately badly about the way I’ve run my business over the past few weeks. Am I steeped in shame over it? Hell no!

I’m a self-correcting marketer… and a self-correcting human being. I got off course. Now I’m getting back on, still hoping to take as many good folks with me as possible! There’s no crying in IM. And there’s no running away from your actions. I’m facing you, my cherished audience, and admitting that I messed up a bit. Now I’m gonna make it right and regain your trust.

If you ever happen to find yourself in a similar situation, I strongly urge you to do the same.


Alright, now for a few final reminders:

My product creation blog post goes live within 24 hours! “Down and Dirty List Building” launches May 15! I’m taking 50% off of May’s enrollment fee for 1-on-1 coaching… and I’m only accepting 4 motivated students!

Please leave your comments below.


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